Hello! Sounds to me like you want to be a guest blogger for Infinite Brevity, if so, you’re in the right place and that’s exciting for both of us. Before you submit your post, please read the boring-yet-necessary agreement below to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and I look forward to hearing from you and reading your submission!


  • Your post will be able to reach the readers and subscribers of Infinite Brevity

  • Your post will be featured in the Infinite Brevity newsletter

  • FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOUR SITE, BRAND AND SOCIAL MEDIA (if you have one). Before your post, there will be a little “about the writer” section in which you will provide a description and a photo of yourself. I will also attach your social media usernames as well your blog/site (if applicable) so the readers can connect with you.


  • POST: Obviously you’re going to need to provide some text for the blog post...

  • PHOTOS: You will have one featured image at the top of your post that you will need to provide, but if you want more we will need those as well. These photos will either have to be your original photographs OR you MUST have permission to use them. Here are some great free stock image sites that you can grab photos from: https://www.pexels.com/discover/ and https://unsplash.com/ The photos must be good quality i.e. : sharp, good composition, good lighting, etc. I realize that not every blogger has a professional camera and it may be impossible for you to take professional photos, which is why people use stock images. If you do not have a preference - no problem. I will pick a stock photo for your featured image. 

  • ABOUT YOU: I will need a short bio as well as a photograph of yourself to accompany it. If you have a bio on your site, you can copy & paste it if you would like.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: A list of URL’s and “@usernames" for your social media account. Only the ones that you want listed with your post.

  • OTHER INFORMATION: If you have more than one photo, please upload a “photo index” with your photo files (ex. “featured photo,” “Insert after paragraph 1”).


Here are a few guidelines just to be safe. 

Your submission of a blog post/article indicates your consent to the following rules:

  • Please do not publish the same article/tutorial/story on your site or blog. I say this because using two similar and/or exact posts looks like one of us is plagiarizing and Google will not be happy about that. So, when you submit a guest post to the Infinite Brevity blog you agree that the post/article/story is only to be posted to Infinite Brevity – meaning that it will not be published on your site or any other site other than infinitebrevity.co

  • Your information will be exclusive to your post alone and will not be shared with a third party or used for anything other than your post.

  • If you have submitted original photos: I may use one to promote your post on social media. That being said, you agree that I may alter the photos by adding text, resizing to fit the social media platform, and/or editing the photo with filters or markings to fit the aesthetic of  the Infinite Brevity blog social media. I will never use your photographs for any other purpose other than for your post only on Infinite Brevity.

  • I reserve the right to format your post to fit the layout and theme of the Infinite Brevity blog. Which means your post may look different from your own blog and not all submitted paragraphs might be used.  I may also eliminate photos and sentences, and/or revise your post to properly convey the content. I will not edit in such a way that changes anything more than grammatical errors OR rearranging sentence structure for google search engine optimization (including the title).

  • I reserve the right to decline submissions that may contain inappropriate content or that may not fit well with the blog’s theme. I may also decline a submission in any case where the writing is completely nonsensical due to lack of a point or for poor spelling and grammar. But I wouldn’t worry too much about that – it has to be an extreme case for that to happen. 

  • If you have agreed to be a guest blogger for Infinite Brevity and you are no longer interested, please let me know as soon as possible through emailing infinitebrevityco@gmail.com. I understand that life happens! Just let me know if you are interested later on.

  • I will let you know the minute I schedule your post to go live.

  • All third party links must be relevant to your content. I will not include your third party links if I feel that it would not be appropriate for our readers, and as mentioned previously, I will not attach affiliated links and I will not accept sponsored posts

  • It is possible that I may reach out to you another time to be a guest blogger again and I would be happy to reciprocate the favor! 

  • I reserve the right to use my own ads and affiliate links where appropriate.

  • My only form of compensation for your submission as a featured guest blogger on Infinite Brevity will be free marketing for your brand and heaps of appreciation and collaboration hype all over my own social media.

  • It is not required, but greatly appreciated, if you, as the guest blogger, attach a promo to sign up for the Infinite Brevity newsletter if they enjoyed your post (which they totally will) or if they also want to get involved.

By submitting your content as a guest blogger, you agree that you have read the above guidelines, and agree hold to them. By submitting your content and agreeing to the guidelines, you also accept every piece of information submitted to Infinite Brevity as your own original content and if the information is not your own original content, you agree that you have permission of use. If concerns regarding copyright infringement are made based on your post submitted to Infinite Brevity, you accept full consequential responsibility.

I look forward to connecting and working with you. Happy blogging!

// kenzie