When I Chose To Let You Go


Everything changed the moment I stopped relying on the reality that someday you would be mine. The very idea of you had hindered my search for anyone else. When you finally chose me after all those years, I was blindsided. Everybody told me to run, that they saw the path we were heading down and it wasn’t a bright one. But I hopelessly and ignorantly fell into your smile.

When I finally began the slow transition to stop chasing the pain you repeatedly caused me, my eyes began to open. I felt more freedom for the first time in a long time.

Recognizing the sweet release, little by little I let you go more and more. At first there was anger, at first there was longing. At first I didn’t understand why you left…

But at last, there was my husband standing in front of me the whole time. Somehow I had to go through you to get to him. Life is like that sometimes.

When I chose to let you go, I realized what I don’t deserve in a man and that was in the way you treated me. I chose to let you go completely after you left me, to cut you away from my life and release myself into the arms of a man who will show me above and beyond what unconditional love means. Limitless love. The kind of love you might never understand if you keep up your ways. I hope you find someone who loves you like that.

When I chose to let you go, I released you of any chance of being in my life again. You made me realize how good I have it now that you’re gone, and I’m never looking back.

// kenzie