Totally Worth It by Kelability

I recently married off my firstborn. It seemed as though my life stopped for a while. Every time I turned around I would catch myself using the excuse “after the wedding” or I would get together with my friends “after the wedding” or complete different projects “after the wedding.” I made a joke that I should create a new hashtag #afterthewedding because I was saying it so much that it would CERTAINLY trend.

Well, the wedding has come and gone. My firstborn is currently on his honeymoon with his new bride and they are launching their new life together.

I’m not a procrastinator by ANY means. I love to tackle tasks and often tell my kids, “Just knock it out so that monkey is off your back. Why put it off?

There’s always going to be an “after the   __(something)__  ” and we have to learn that life doesn’t stop for us. What does happen is that, instead, a traffic jam occurs and it takes a LOT longer to get out of the jam than had I just kept pushing through. So, should I have just knocked things out or was it important for me to be available and present for my son during this important season of his life?

I think a little of both. Just like everything else, we need to aim for balance, and I’m convinced that there are times to push through and times we need to put things off and create space to breathe and enjoy the moment. The wedding was not only the perfect excuse to put things off, but it was appropriate and allowed me to really focus on my son.

So, the next time you think to say “after the   __(insert excuse here)__ ” think about this… Is delaying that particular responsibility going to help you be present and make memories for a lifetime or is it going to create undo stress at a later time? If it’s one or the other, the decision is easy. If it’s both, weigh the pros and cons and make a decision, own it and don’t live in regret.

I, personally, am thankful that I was fully present for the wedding and I now have memories that will last a lifetime. What about the hurricane of tasks that I’m facing now?

Totally worth it.

// kelly
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I am the owner of Kelability, LLC, a virtual support firm that specializes in church growth and health. I also work as the Communications and Resources Director for my local church. I'm married to Andy, my junior high sweetheart, and live in Ohio where I love spending time with my three kids, two dogs and new daughter-in-law.


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