Blogmas 2018 | Day 3 | Top 5 HoliDATE Ideas


It’s the most romantic time of year. Snow is falling, lights are shining everywhere…it really is the most magical time. These are some of my favorite date ideas for the Christmas season. You might as well go ALL OUT when you can take advantage of the beautiful Christmas scenery! 🎄

  1. Take a trip to the nearest Zoolights or drive around town to see any Christmas lights [preferably ones that sync to songs on particular radio stations…those are the best], or if you’re early enough, head to the nearest town tree-lighting!

  2. Go on a coffee trail to stay warm and cozy together through the bitter winter weather.

  3. Stay inside and watch Christmas movies together while drinking your warm drink of choice [coffee, coco, tea], while lighting up a few Christmas candles to really set the Holiday atmosphere.

  4. Go Ice Skating together! A little romantic time together falling on your butts and laughing hysterically at your inability to keep your balance. Or is that just me?

  5. Have a full-blown holiday-decorating party with just the two of you. Bake festive treats, make a big ol’ comfort-food meal, decorate the house, and watch ALL the Christmas movies you can. Who says holiday decorating has to be a chore?

What’s something you and your significant other love to do together during the holiday season? Comment below! Remember to give this post a big ol’ “❤️“ below. Send this post to your partner to give them a *wink wink* for your next date night.

// kenzie