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Tools may not seem very important on a daily basis, however, they are KEY to making or breaking a makeup look. Some tips: ALWAYS dampen your beauty sponge before using it, and don’t forget to clean it. Dampening the sponge before use prevents it from soaking up all your product, and allows for a more moisturized, clean finish. This also helps before you bake with powder, the dampness allows the powder to latch onto the sponge and not dry out/ wipe off your foundation after it’s been applied. You also at least want a pencil, shader, and a fluffy tapered/ blending brush. With these three brushes, you can pretty much do any basic eye makeup look.
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  • Morphe Brushes | I swear by these brushes, I use them every time I put makeup on!
    • Fluffy tapered Brush | You use this kind of brush to blend your crease shade out and blend everything into a beautiful, seamless makeup masterpiece.
      • Price | $6
  • Shader Brush | You'll typically use this type of brush to place your "main" shade or your lid shade on.
    • Price | $8
  • Pencil Brush | This kind of brush (and smaller ones in the same family) typically are used for details and for lower lash line shade.
    • Price | $4
  • Morphe Sponge | I use this sponge on the daily. It has a very unique shape and it doesn't soak up all the product like some do, and that's always good. It's also only $7 and that price definitely cannot be beat, especially for the quality.
    • Price | $7
  • Real Techniques Sponge | This sponge is a total dupe for the beauty blender and it's WAY cheaper. This sponge also has a flat side, which is perfect for baking and contouring. Half the price of the famous beauty blender, and you get two of them. Winning.
    • Price | $10 for a pack of 2
  • Real Techniques Brushes | Another great drugstore find, and always reliable tools. Really, I'd recommend all of them, but here are my favorites:
    • Enhanced Eye Set | The perfect beginner set. If you don't know what brushes to begin with for your eyeshadow, this is what I recommend you grab at your local drugstore!
      • Price | $19.99
  • Expert Face Brush | This one is AMAZING. Seriously. It's the perfect size for foundation and it's not too fluffy so it doesn't leave foundation and concealer streaks. Highly recommend this brush if the idea of using a damp sponge on your face seems a bit extreme for what you're looking for.
    • Price | $9.00
  • Blush Brush | What else can I say about this's a blush brush. But like, it's a really really good one. Very fluffy, doesn't shed, and gets the job done at a reasonable price.
    • Price | $9.00
  • Beauty Blender Sponge | This one is incredibly overpriced for a sponge, but I’m pretty sure it definitely has magical powers. So if you're looking to splurge on a product that makes your makeup look bomb, look no further. Splurge away (but definitely try the other sponges before, because they're amazing and definitely comparable to this sponge).
    • Price | $20
  • e.l.f Brushes | If you’re looking for great quality, affordable brushes - elf brushes are the best of both worlds. Although I haven’t tried them all (but close to it) I can definitely say that these brushes are hands down some of my favorites of all time. The only tool I wouldn’t recommend from elf cosmetics would have to be their beauty sponges. I’ve never tried them and I have hear that they soak up all the product and really do nothing but ruin your makeup. So, I’d steer clear of those!

// kenzie

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