Blogmas 2018 | Day 23 | "This or That" Christmas Edition

Today I will be answering some “this or that” questions regarding to the Christmas season. Let’s see if you and I see eye to eye!

Real Tree or Fake Tree?

I’ve always wanted a real tree but don’t know if I’d be able to keep up with the pines and keeping it watered. So, either a tiny real tree (less work) or a fake tree with a balsam-scented candle (to trick myself).

Gift Bags or wrapping presents?

I love wrapping presents because you can customize them.

Multi-colored lights or one-color lights?

I prefer white lights because they match with any other decorations.


Online shopping! It’s easier for me to keep track of my purchases and stay within a budget, plus there’s the “minimal human interaction” aspect of online shopping I particularly enjoy.

CHristmas chocolates or christmas cookies?

Gosh…..this is a really tough question considering I have the biggest sweet tooth known to mankind and will eat just about anything and love everything just as much (if not, more) than the last (unless it’s mint chocolate. nope).

Giving or receiving?

I don’t know anyone who would turn away a gift, but I definitely give better than I receive. When it comes to accepting nice gestures, I’m TERRIBLE. Pay for my meal? I will not let it go until I return the favor or do something for you that evens it out. Give me a gift? I will dedicate the name of my first born child to you. I am extremely “justice-driven” which means I live my life honestly, get frustrated with people who don’t, and make it a priority that I have no debts owed to anyone.

// kenzie

Give your “This or That” answers to these questions in the comments below! I’d love to know what we have in common and what we might disagree on. Merry Christmas Eve Eve🎄Remember to give this post a like below, and subscribe to the newsletter HERE.