The Freedom of Structure by Andy


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 ASV). Recently, I was out for an afternoon walk with my wife; we do our best dreaming, planning and problem-solving during our walks! On this one particular day, as we were talking, I felt God turn my attention toward my environment. I suddenly noticed the gentle breeze brushing over my skin, the brightness and warmth of the sun, and the thin, wispy white clouds that laced the beautiful, blue sky, and I thought, “Wow, God, you are so creative!” In fact, the scriptures confirm this in John 1:3, “Everything was created through Him.” (John 1:3 MSG). God is the ultimate "creative!”

As I marveled at His handiwork, I thought about the rhythms and patterns of creation; how we can rely on the sun to rise and set each day, and yet somehow within that cadence there is such variety. Each day is an original. Since the beginning of time, there has never been a day exactly like another. That is incredible! God expresses His creativity within the bounds of order and structure.

You can see this principle all around. Each human being is unique (creativity), yet recognizable as a human (structure). Since God created man and woman in his image, we also exemplify this principle in the work of our hands. For instance, we recognize a house as a house, even though there are endless varieties of houses on the planet. Artistic expression through art and music is another great example. A football game is a football game and not a baseball game because of the rules or boundaries that define it, and yet again, every football game is different.

My conclusion from this revelation, is that there is freedom in structure. It may seem counterintuitive, and at times we may feel confined by our daily routine of seemingly monotonous activities. But I have found that my routine provides a structure of freedom for me to operate in. For example, I set aside a quiet time each morning, and a time for physical activity in the evening. This is my structure. Yet, I am able to create variety within these boundaries. Sometimes I sing a new song to God, or read scripture and pray. Other times I just sit in His presence or go for a morning walk. So, I am able to be intentional with my life, yet operate with a certain degree of spontaneity and creativity.  Freedom does not mean randomness and aimless wandering. True freedom comes from knowing where your boundaries are and then exploring the creative aspects within every inch of them.

What are some ways that you create freedom in structure in your life?

// andy

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