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2018 was my biggest year yet for creating memories and participating in saying the word “yes” more often to spontaneous and unlikely adventures. This year has been filled with light travel (which is a lot for me since I don’t ever travel), new experiences, and many, many concerts. So. Many. Concerts. You know what? I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Throughout my time in grade school, I found myself always acting as an adult and never really having the full “high school” experience. I have been working since age 13 and haven’t known a life apart from work. I had the “Fun? Nope, sorry I have to work” mentality which costed me more than anything I could’ve made at my money-paying job. It costed me in experiences and memories. So, my resolution this year was to say yes more and live inside my head less. Honestly I think I did pretty well for having the spirit of a grandmother and the fears of Howie from Benchwarmers.

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I wanted to share with you my favorite moments from this year that I would have otherwise said no to in the past due to irrational fears and anxiety. I threw anxiety to the wind and discovered an entire part of me I didn’t know was inside of me. I allowed myself to explore and break apart from my comfort zone and it resulted in such a beautiful year. I love that I’m now on a path of continual growth in contrast to my old habits which did not allow for anything outside my day-to-day bubble. I listened to my friends when they told me I needed to get out of the house. And on the days when I was too down to even get out of bed, they would come to me so I wouldn’t seclude myself for too long (Brittany if you’re reading this, thanks for pushing me enough to make me bold and love myself, and loving me enough to bring me chick-fil-a and binge the entire twilight saga when Im too sad to care for myself). So, here’s to 2018 and the moments in which shaped me over the last 12 months.


January first - Kicking off the new year with dating my best friend. The photo on the left is from our second date, and the photo on the right is from our Church Ugly-Christmas-Sweater themed team night. (Almost) one year down and he still makes me smile so hard my cheeks hurt.


I got my first tattoo in the spring! Interested to know the meaning behind this ink? I wrote a whole blog post about it…read it here.

So. Many. Concerts. I honestly probably missed a lot, but here are the show highlights from this year. If you click on the photo it shows you which show it was from 2018 (all are located in Ohio unless stated in the title). So many amazing shows, amazing bands, amazing people (and some drunk people).

Vacation to Seacrest, Florida with my dad’s side of the family. This was such a relaxing vacation filled with laughter and family moments. Our family won’t be able to be together this Christmas, so I reminisce on this vacation with them and hold onto those memories.

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One of my most exciting accomplishments of 2018 is the rebranding of this blog right here (and also chopping off my hair). I have enjoyed collaborating with other bloggers and influencers, meeting new people, sharing moments and enjoying the little things in life through this site and I can’t wait to continue growing throughout 2019 and beyond.

Thank you for stopping and smelling the roses alongside me through life and appreciating the good little things that pop up in our days, even if they overall seem bad. I hope you have found Infinite Brevity to serve as a safe haven of encouragement and I promise to continue that through the entirety of its lifespan.

Here are my Spotify music top songs 2018 if you’re interested in my “heavily-listened-to” music here you go! Enjoy.


The most recent and emotionally challenging process: moving apart from my family. My family had to move to Georgia because my dad was relocated at work, but I decided to stay in my hometown and my grandparents so graciously took me in with open arms and have been nothing but pure wonderful through this whole transition. I am well loved, well taken care of, but I miss my family (and my dogs) immensely. I have had to grow up quite a bit over the last few months and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I hope this year was a year of growth for you, and if not, I hope it was a good one. Comment below your FAVORITE MOMENT of this year (I know this is a challenging question!) Remember to give this post a “like ❤ “ below and subscribe to receive the Infinite Brevity e-newsletter!

// kenzie

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