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Music Monthly // April 2018 Playlist

Goodbye April, hello May! Here’s what I’ve been listening to this whole month. I’m really excited for this playlist because it has a wide variety of music yet they still all complement each other really well. I really hope you enjoy this music as much as I have been!

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Music Monthly // March 2018 Playlist

Happy end of March…and HELLO SPRING (well, sort of). This month’s playlist is a bit longer, but I am VERY excited to share it with you guys because I’m obsessed with the songs and the layout and I want you to be just as obsessed as I am. I actually got to see a good portion of these artists in concert this month so a lot of these songs are close to my heart now. Enjoy!

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Why “I Love You” is the Last Thing I Need to Say

Just an unrealistically responsible 19 year old nervous wreck of an over-communicator. This is why I have a habit of saying I love you to my family members whenever I step even the slightest bit out of range. Just in case.

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