Stitch Fix December 2017 // Review


What was in my box:

  1. Jean Black Bootie | I absolutely LOVE these shoes! They're comfy, cute, the perfect height, and match with everything.
  2. Derenzo Textured Eyelash Pullover | Sweaters are always a win with me. This one in particular is a bit out of my comfort zone because open-knit isn't the typical style I reach for, but I fell in love with the style, fit, and the material. And boy is it the softest thing I ever did feel.
  3. Eliana Cotton Blend Knit Top | I like that my box consisted of essentials and they all go together. I can dress up this nice gray long sleeve shirt or leave it how it is and it's cute either way. Love love love.
  4. Dianna Duster Cardigan | They must have read my mind or something because I was about to buy a long, sweater cardigan exactly like this but decided against the purchase because of my stitch fix. It's so warm and cozy and it's black. So it's basically my favorite thing to wear now.
  5. Lena Distressed Released Hem Skinny Jean | I was very skeptical about receiving jeans from Stitch Fix solely because I can't even seem to find jeans that fit me. I tried them on, and I was very wrong. These ripped jeans are PERFECT. They're soft, comfy, and the perfect size. On the first try. I typically don't even like jeans, I reach for my black jeggings on the daily. But these blew my freaking mind.

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What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is "the personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle." You pay a $20 styling fee, and set up your "style profile" to let your stylist know your size, favorite colors to wear, what you're looking to get out of Stitch Fix, and add your style notes so they can personalize your fix as much as possible. What's cool about Stitch Fix is that they have stylists who REALLY care. You can give them your Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, pretty much anywhere that's going to represent your style and they choose accordingly. You can customize the frequency of your orders as well. I have mine scheduled to come quarterly (for the seasons) because each box can get a bit pricey for a college student.

How much does Stitch Fix cost?

Stitch Fix is $20 per box (monthly, quarterly, or customized frequency). Once you receive your box, the $20 styling fee goes toward the items you choose to buy. If you decide to keep all 5 items in the box, you receive 25% off your total on top of the $20 styling fee contribution.

// kenzie

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