Spring Forward 💐

Spring Forward 1-100.jpg

‘tis the season for allergies and flowers blooming.

For detoxing the body and purging your belongings.

For longer days and restful nights.

‘tis the season for sporadic sunshine and warmth,

To the revival of nature through rain.

For brighter moods, bigger smiles, and less layers of clothing.

It’s like we’ve awoken to a new beginning.

Cheers to a happy new season emerging in front of us.

Happy first day of spring.

// kenzie

Spontaneously written poem aside, I think spring is a beautiful time of year. Let’s have a little chat about it.

In my personal opinion, spring feels more like a new beginning than the New Year does. I feel like I finally pull myself together and begin my resolutions to which I have already committed. The sun really has a big impact on my mood and productivity. Being able to breathe in the blooming, fresh air without freezing to death is a perk too (unless you’re one of those intense dedicated runners who run in the middle of a level-three snowstorm in shorts…I think it’s safe to say we try to stay indoors the majority of the winter).

Hence the spring fever we all get. We start deep cleaning the house with the windows open and the sun shining in, going through and purging our closets and storage. Spring has a way of making you the most productive you’ve been in 6 months and it’s an amazing feeling.

You know what else is amazing about spring? We get to set aside our big ol’ coats and bust out the beautiful, colorful kimonos and sandals. Spring is like a piñata of color that explodes all over the death and damage of winter. It’s pretty awesome. However, I still have clothes from when I was in middle school (yes you read that correctly), and I think it’s safe to say I need purge my closet and freshen it up a teensy bit (or a lot a teensy bit).

The thing - I HATE shopping for clothes. It is admittedly a weakness of mine. I hold on to clothes for a long time if they fit me well and there’s nothing wrong with that. However…sometimes you have to let go of the past.

I always tell myself “once I get to my goal weight I’ll treat myself to a few new clothing items” but you know what? That day will never come because I’m too hard on myself about myself and I won’t ever reach the ridiculous standards I’ve placed upon myself. So I have decided I’m going to purge my closet, and purge hard.

Something I’m really trying to start this year is just being comfortable with where I’m at instead of constantly obsessing over where I “want” to be. I will always be discouraged if I don’t take care of who I am today. I’m constantly comparing myself to the me I want to look like, so I feel like I don’t deserve to buy cute clothes. Doesn’t that sound silly? Yet, I bet this mindset resonates with you.

I have already begun the process of cleaning out my closet, and I have made the decision to buy myself clothes that make me feel pretty which will encourage me to walk confidently. (Yes, yes I HAVE been watching Queer Eye. Can you tell?) Because I need to take care of the me I am today, not focusing on the “goal me.” You know what? If you end up losing weight, sell/return/donate the clothes you just got and use that as an opportunity to reward yourself for reaching your goals. There’s no harm in doing it this way! Why wait to be kind to yourself? Take this spring fever you’re about to get and ROLL with it, honey. Get rid of those clothes and treat yourself. You deserve to feel your best.

Happy first day of spring everyone!

// kenzie