Blogmas 2018 | Day 14 | Santa checks his list, but Jesus forgives it

I recently scrolled past a post on social media that said “Santa checks his list, but Jesus forgives it.” If that doesn’t just shake you up a little bit inside I don’t know what will.

The whole concept of Santa Claus is to bring some magic into the season of Christmas and give your kids a little more of an incentive to stop yelling at you every time they don’t want to do their chores. 

Let’s take a moment to unpack this whole thing. Santa Claus was created as a way of spreading “Christmas cheer” to all. He exists in the minds of the young to represent a figure who is the epitome of generosity and joy and has way too many songs written about him. Am I right?

Jesus was given to us by God. He came to this earth to wipe all sins clean, make us new, bring light into this dark world. Wow, isn’t God so generous? Why did he give us Jesus? To forgive us and to fill us with joy! That’s pretty generous! So, actually JESUS is the epitome of generosity and joy and love and peace and kindness and forgiveness…

Okay, and now the grim side of dear ole Saint Nick ...“If you don’t check off your chore list or do the “right" thing, Santa’s going to put you on the naughty list.” Does this sentence sound familiar?

But let me tell you something about Jesus. Well, Jesus loves you NO MATTER WHAT. No naughty list at hand! Your list of sins & being “naughty” have been forgiven, and they will continue to be forgiven again and again. He wants a relationship with you, He wants to be in your life all the time (not just at Christmas … sorry, Santa). Once you allow this concept to seep into your core, you’ll find that your natural response in walking through life will reflect the fruits of His Spirit. There’s no catch! He will give you everything you need. You don’t even have to wait until Christmas to receive all the blessings He has been working on for you in HIS workshop.

The cool part about the real reason we celebrate Christmas is this: Jesus was born. God, in His love and generosity, gave mankind His only son to save us from our sins. 

Santa is pretty cool, but you have to admit, Jesus is quite a bit cooler.

// kenzie

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