Monday Motivation // Return On Investment (You Get What You Pay For)


If you never leave your house, never talk to anyone, never pursue anyone or anything, don’t be upset when you don’t get any return on your lack of investment.

I’ve recently been hit with the realization that if I don’t start doing things, inviting people places, organizing social hangouts, then life is going to pass me by. It’s not like school anymore. I’m not forced to be in a facility with people my age, who are just as confused and lonely as I am, with similar interests, who I’ll see every single day no matter what, and occasionally have a spontaneous hang out. It doesn’t work that way in the “real world,” especially not when you work from home and go to a community college where literally no one wants to be friends. Community College people just want to go to class, get stuff done, and go home with no small talk in between. Up until now I’ve been fine with that. But it’s summer now and my old friends and family are home from college, and I’m quickly realizing that everyone is moving along without me. At first I was honestly hurt, but then I took a good look in the mirror and realized that I had stopped pursuing relationships. I had just assumed everyone would wait for me, everyone would always include me because, on the slight chance that I host a gathering, I would invite them without a second thought.

You get what you pay for. You can’t sit at home and ignore invites and expect people to continue to invite you on the slight chance you’ll say yes eventually. If you feel like you’ve been pushed aside or ignored or out of place, STEP UP. Life is too short to wait around to be invited to things. Make stuff happen. You get back what you put in to relationships, and if you don’t, that’s the perfect time to realize you have to move on and pursue new friendships.

#MondayMotivation Reminder: GO FORTH AND PURSUE PEOPLE.

// kenzie