I feel compelled to share some repetitive points that keep shouting at me in my daily life, and, up until this moment, I have been reluctant to share them because I honestly haven’t been up for writing. I haven’t been up for anything, actually, and I need to force myself to get tasks done or I’d let everything pile up and swallow me whole. I’ve been riding a wave, and when I’m riding a wave my whole life tends to cease (read here if you’re unsure as to what I am referring). I try not to let my mental state affect so much of my life, but it’s been suffocatingly dreadful, and everyday getting progressively worse. My days consist of a combination of feeling like I’m dreaming and wishing I were actually sleeping. I feel as though I’m not really living, more-so as if I’ve switched on autopilot mode. My point of sharing this with you is that even in the midst of my hardships, I’m choosing to be obedient in sharing these thoughts with you. Which means this has to be something someone needs to hear right now. Why does God allow pain to happen?  Now is as good a time as any to discuss why waves hit us, why everything seems to go downhill so rapidly, and why pain happens if there’s a God who loves us enough to send His son to die for us. Easter has just passed, and what better time to discuss how God pairs pain with purpose than now? I heard this same message taught on three separate occasions which has to mean God was trying to tell me something, and it took THREE times for me to actually listen to what He was saying to me.

The messages I heard were so powerful and incredibly impactful and really hit me hard. Pastor Julie Pratt from Hope Church in Plain City discussed so beautifully how God can take your pain and pair it with a purpose and how pain, over time, paired with purpose leads to endurance. The second message I listened to was from Pastor Jake Lozano from Oasis City Church in Westerville, and the point that stuck out to me was that God doesn’t cause your pain, but sometimes pain needs to happen in order for God to use you for the Kingdom. He can take your pain and hurt and loss, and completely turn your life around and use you to reach others through your story, for His Kingdom. There is no shame in pain, God takes your tangled mess and pairs it with purpose.

Now, at this point in my brain, the pieces were coming together as I began thinking God was really trying to speak to me. But what did He want me to do with these thoughts? Then I got a notification on my phone from the “Sprinkle of Jesus” app that said: “the resurrection gives you a perspective to know there is purpose in your pain.” And THAT, my friend, is when God’s message hit me like a ton of bricks and knocked the wind right out of me. WOW.

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All of the pieces CLICKED in my brain: Instead of being bitter about the pain we go through and letting it eat at our hearts and slowly break us down, we need to allow God to pair our pain with a purpose. Instead of blaming God for the inevitable, horrible things that happen in life, ask God WHY it’s happening. He will reveal to you later on what He had been working on behind the scenes, on your behalf. God doesn’t allow your pain to happen to hurt you, I believe He does it to teach you and to show you what’s on the other side of the road. He is always with you, even in your darkest of moments, your most shameful seasons, your devastating losses. He is there and He is not going anywhere. The resurrection is the perfect example, it gives us a new perspective. Why did Christ need to go through all this pain? There was a purpose to His pain, and there’s a purpose to yours. Nothing gets past God, He doesn’t miss a thing. He uses everything: your mistakes, your pain, your best and worst times, and pairs it all with purpose.

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If only you would allow God to use your life experiences as evidence of His grace.

// kenzie