The Wedding Day | A Reflection


Written on 9.1.19 | The Morning Of

Today I write so I never forget this moment.

Today is the day I vow to laugh with you for the rest of our lives. When I fully and publicly commit to being yours always.

Today is the day I vow to take care of you, to love you, and to never leave your side. By your side is the safest, warmest, most beautiful place I have ever been.

I get to finally, finally, call you my husband.

Your hands are the hands I will grab when we are going through good times and struggles. Your arms will be the arms I melt into when I’ve had a hard day. Your embrace is magic and your words are like drugs which make me focus on the beauty and goodness of life, and which calm me in the eye of anxiety. This is the day I promise to inherit your positive and driven mindset into my daily routine.

Endless conversation and limitless laughter will fill our home.

No matter what journey we step into, today, September 1, 2019, is when I promise to walk alongside you and listen to whatever God has planned for us. He brought us together, He will guide us, and He knows what’s best for us even when we don’t understand right away.


Written on 9.2.19 | The Morning After

The day was beautiful. All sunshine and smiles.

I began the day with the mindset that nothing, nothing was going to steal my joy. That’s what kept me calm and collected.

My family and friends stepped up to make the day perfect. Truly. We know some insanely awesome people who were willing to give their time and energy to ensure Zach and I were comfortable and the decor was flawless.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much gratitude I have for the people who decorated, cooked, cleaned, and kept everything in order for the whole day. Honestly, I was in my own magical world of happiness and joy that I probably wouldn’t have been much help anyway.

I had so many people whom I put trust in to make decisions for me so I wouldn’t have to. There was a barrier between me and the slight issues going on at the time. Throughout the day, I recognized that little things like wardrobe malfunctions, a terribly sick bridesmaid and unprepared speeches at dinner were no match for the overwhelming happiness and love that filled my heart. So to me, the day was perfect. And that’s how the memory will stay in my head.


So there I was. Hair bobby-pined and sprayed into a perfect fairy princess updo, putting on my dress in the bridal suite while the chaos awaited outside the door. This moment I will remember.

I was left alone to change into my dress, so I had a moment to take it all in. I put my dress on and just looked in the mirror.

I was a bride and I was about to marry my best friend.

Never did I think this day would come. I never thought I would find someone so special, loving, caring, and perfect. Yet there I was, a few minutes away from the rest of my life with him. Tears welled in my eyes as I heard our friend rehearsing the song to which I would soon be walking down the aisle. This is the first moment I began to breakdown, of course, right after I had finished my makeup.

I then proceeded to walk outside to surprise my husband with a “first look.” He cried. I cried. We all sobbed and I attacked him with limitless hugs and kisses.

Just moments before the ceremony, Zach and I sat in the bridal suite together. We exchanged private vows. The sweetest and most emotional moment of my life. Private vows were a good call considering we could barely stumble through them with dry eyes.

We soaked in our last moment together before the ceremony, and parted ways.

As I walked in to the ceremony with my dad, the moment felt so surreal. I saw the faces of so many people I have come to know and love over the years. It was an intimate ceremony and I’m not sure that I could have handled anything more than just that. Then I spotted my husband-to-be (in just a few minutes). My heart skipped a beat and I had never been so sure of something in my entire life. I’m not a decisive human, but my heart was set on that handsome human down the aisle.

My uncle performed our ceremony. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. He made us (the two people who hate being center of attention - AKA the bride and groom) feel comfortable and loved the entire time. Before the wedding, he had asked us a few questions individually about the journey of our love and what we love most about each other. We had no idea what we wrote about each other. I cried THE entire ceremony. Happy tears, but lots of them. Thank God we took our photos beforehand.

After the ceremony, during cocktail hour, it stormed. And I mean POURING down rain. Hail and all. But you know what? It happened right before the reception which meant people didn’t want to leave. So it was perfect timing…ha. Plus I heard a little tall tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

Now we are married and more in love than ever. Mission: accomplished. We’re adjusting to the life of husband and wife and nothing has ever felt so right! I love reflecting back on our wedding day and can’t wait to see and share the rest of our pictures done by my amazing friend Elated Light Photography, and the video by my other amazing friend Tab Dalton Creative. I have such talented friends in my life and am so excited to relive our day over and over again!

We love our new life.

// kenzie