Blogmas 2018 | Day 24 | Our Friend, December Depression (SAD), and How To Deal with Her


We all know our dark friend December Depression.

Double-D settles in when daylight becomes a distant memory and the 24-hour gloom-ridden weather seeps through the midwest, awaiting an interval of rain to wash the seasonal dreariness clean. Until the next winter, of course.

You subconsciously kick into human-hibernation mode. Canceling plans you were once ecstatic about, sleeping in past 9a, being easily irritated by your loved ones, feeling unmotivated while binging a show on Netflix you were “too busy to watch" when your friends were obsessing over it a few months before. And, of course, eating. A lot. And drinking a lot of coffee and cocoa (or your preferred drink).

Days feel minutes long and life seems to pass you by even more quickly than before. You long for the sweet heat of the summer sun and the prolonged days it brings.

Your friends, whom are also bound to the visit of our dear friend Double-D, attempt to cope with their personal reality by inviting you places like the mall or the movies. Only to find that you feel miles apart, together.

Sound familiar?

Does our friend December Depression make an appearance in other months of your life as well? Possibly during long periods of thunderstorms and reduced sunlight?

This can only be the work of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If any section of this description spoke to you, I would consider seeing a doctor about your personal care for SAD. I am in no way a professional, but I do know first-hand how SAD can affect every aspect of your life. I also have some tricks up my sleeve that might be able to help ease your symptoms and get you through these seasons where SAD decides to camp out in your bedroom.

I can’t stress how important it is that you know what you’re feeling is not abnormal and you are going to be okay, and that you can put a name to the symptoms you face. You are not alone in this, there is a reason you feel the way you do, and you are absolutely not crazy.

Here are a few remedies I have found helpful:

  • Essential Oil Mixtures | Keep an oil diffuser near you at all times. At your desk, in the kitchen, in your bedroom, anywhere you might spend the majority of your time. Fill it with basil, peppermint, lavender, lemon, rose, frankincense. Ylang Ylang is also a helpful one, though I’ve never personally tested it out, it’s purpose is to promote hormonal balance.

  • Take Vitamin D | Your body is lacking its basic desire for sunlight and fresh air. Vitamin D (or the “happy pill” as I like to call it) is a MAJOR factor in feeling better when you’re going through SAD, especially in the wintertime when you’re inside the majority of the time.

  • Boost Your Serotonin Levels | When your serotonin levels plummet, our body’s instinctive way of letting us know is to become depressed. Some ways to boost your levels are to exercise, taking a daily probiotic, and by eating foods that are high in L-tryptophan (eggs, cheese, pineapples, nuts and seeds, salmon…you can Google more).

  • Stick to a Strict Schedule | Make yourself a strict, daily schedule and find someone who will assist you and hold you accountable to it. When to wake up, when to shower, when to eat, WHAT you will eat, how long you will work, etc. Getting into a routine just might be your road to freedom.

I know this might seem like a strange “Christmas Eve” post considering all my other blogmas posts have stayed relatively celebratory and positive, but I want you to read this loud and clear: Don’t let SAD take the happiness out of your Holiday.

// kenzie

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