October 2018 // Monthly Favorites


Happy Monday and happy Halloween-week! Today I bring to you my (very tiny) list of favorites from this month. Some months are busier than others, October has been a wild ride which has robbed me of my routine of trying new things. Nevertheless I have scrounged up a few favorites that I feel you will enjoy!


Celestial Seasonings’ Bengal Spice tea has been my go-to drink this month. It’s the perfect fall drink - easy on the stomach, relaxing to drink and smell, and delicious to taste.


Is it even an Infinite Brevity monthly favorites post if I don’t mention my latest coffee obsession? Absolutely not. Equator Coffees & Teas so graciously reached out to me and sent me their delicious french press ground coffee and it’s pretty amazing. Highly recommend you check them out!


My favorite part of this month hands down has to be the fact that I FINALLY get to wear cozy (turtleneck) sweaters. This beaut is from Forever 21 and it’s the coziest. 10/10 would recommend showering yourself in sweaters and tea this season, because that’s literally all I’ve been participating in this month. Best part of working from home #StayCozy.


If I’m being completely honest here…I created this cutesy bullet journal cover page with a beautiful fall-theme in mind for the rest of this month’s journal and I completely blew it. I created the cover page and life got in the way and I just didn’t have time to sit down and create, nor did I have the capacity to think about anything other than the “next thing” I had to do for each day. But I figured I’d include this photo in my monthly favorites anyway because despite my lack of bullet-journal entries, this cover page turned out to be one of my favorites I have ever created. #ILoveFallTooMuch


Naturally I have my October Music Monthly for you to look forward to on October 31st, BUT I have an extra bonus playlist for y’all this month that I think you will thoroughly enjoy. A WHOLE PLAYLIST DEDICATED TO SONGS THAT MAKE ME THINK OF FALL🍁🍂

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Psalm 40 (TPT)

1 I waited and waited and waited some more,

patiently, knowing God would come through for me.

Then, at last, he bent down and listened to my cry.

2 He stooped down to lift me out of danger

from the desolate pit I was in,

out of the muddy mess I had fallen into.

Now he’s lifted me up into a firm, secure place

and steadied me while I walk along his ascending path.

3 A new song for a new day rises up in me

every time I think about how he breaks through for me!

Ecstatic praise pours out of my mouth until

everyone hears how God has set me free.

Many will see his miracles;

they’ll stand in awe of God and fall in love with him!

4 Blessing after blessing comes to those who love and trust the Lord.

They will not fall away,

for they refuse to listen to the lies of the proud.

5 O Lord, our God, no one can compare with you.

Such wonderful works and miracles are all found with you!

And you think of us all the time

with your countless expressions of love—

far exceeding our expectations!

6 It’s not sacrifices that really move your heart.

Burnt offerings, sin offerings—that’s not what brings you joy.

But when you open my ears and speak deeply to me,

I become your willing servant, your prisoner of love for life.[a]

7 So I said, “Here I am! I’m coming to you as a sacrifice,[b]

for in the prophetic scrolls of your book

you have written about me.

8 I delight to fulfill your will, my God,

for your living words are written upon the pages of my heart.”

9 I tell everyone everywhere the truth of your righteousness.

And you know I haven’t held back in telling the message to all.

10 I don’t keep it a secret or hide the truth.

I preach of your faithfulness and kindness,

proclaiming your extravagant love to the largest crowd I can find!

11 So Lord, don’t hold back your love or withhold

your tender mercies from me.

Keep me in your truth and let your compassion overflow to me

no matter what I face.

12 Evil surrounds me; problems greater than I can solve

come one after another.

Without you, I know I can’t make it.

My sins are so many!

I’m so ashamed to lift my face to you.

For my guilt grabs me and stings my soul

until I am weakened and spent.

13 Please, Lord! Come quickly and rescue me!

Take pleasure in showing me your favor and restore me.

14 Let all who seek my life be humiliated!

Let them be confused and ashamed, God.

Scatter those who wish me evil; they just want me dead.

15 Scoff at every scoffer and cause them all to be utter failures.

Let them be ashamed and horrified by their complete defeat.

16 But let all who passionately seek you

erupt with excitement and joy over what you’ve done!

Let all your lovers rejoice continually in the Savior,[c] saying,

“How great and glorious is our God!”

17 Lord, in my place of weakness and need, I ask again:

Will you come and help me?

I know I’m always in your thoughts.

You are my true Savior and hero,

so don’t delay to deliver me now, for you are my God.

What are some of your favorites from this month? I’d love to know! Comment below.

// kenzie

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