Monday Motivation // It's Not Fair


When you’re young and developing into a miniature adult, there comes a point when you get hit with the wave of “wow life is NOT fair and everyone is out to get me” and everyone grows into their own unique sense of justice. 

There are certain things you can change, like your style, your words, your actions, your perspective. And certain things you cannot change, like the color of the sky, the phases of the moon, or that evil coworker you swear has it out to destroy you. Yes I just compared trying to change natural circumstances to trying to change someone you don’t like. Because these two tasks are equally impossible to accomplish.

The difference between the things you can and cannot change? YOU can only change YOU. 

Don’t like something about another person? Change your perspective on them. Choose to only see the good in them. Start speaking only good about them and eventually you’ll begin to believe it. Don’t like the clothes in your closet? Give them away, sell them, and head to the thrift store (or mall, if you prefer). Hate doing chores? Change your perspective from “why do I have to do this?” to “I get to serve my family/roomates/guests by keeping my house clean and creating a comfortable atmosphere for myself and them.” Think your job is unfair to you? Instead of complaining to your peers or telling off your boss (which you definitely should steer clear of doing), start looking for another job. Go after your dreams, pursue the job you really want and do it before you quit your current job. Life isn’t fair, that’s a given, but only you can choose how to view the cards you have been dealt. 

Life isn’t fair, that’s a given, but only you can choose how to view the cards you have been dealt. 
— Kenzie Norris

Food for thought: What do you need to change in order to live your life to the fullest?

// kenzie

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