The Never-Ending Season of Change


Time moves so quickly, and life changes in a very consistent manner. Change means "make or become different." However, if change is constantly occurring, then is it really something different? Why do life-changes always sweep us off of our feet? Why is it so difficult to readjust to a new way of living? I encourage you to embrace change and branch out of your routine-based-life, or change may always be considered something negative in your eyes. Every day is a new day, a fresh start. It’s okay to have your day-to-day routine, but it’s not okay to get too comfortable where you sit because eventually you will create a rut for yourself from which you will never want to move.

When my family and I moved last year, my eyes were opened to how being comfortable with a routine-life meant living life in a more sentimental way. We have all of this “stuff” weighing us down. Making change more difficult, and certain areas in our lives more difficult to let go. For example, you raised your kids from preschool through high school in a certain house which makes letting go of the house itself harder. We have kept things from our childhood for memories-sake, and held onto things for futures-sake (“maybe we will use this someday.”) Life happens, and we must realize that it’s not about the stuff. If we get too settled where we’re at, it can feel as though we are stuck. It can feel like our world will be flipped upside down if anything changes. When really, change can be a good thing. You just have to see it that way. - Always practice the behavior of change. If you are always moving, always striving to improve, then change will come easier for you than if you stay consistently the same.

You know when you sit in a single position for too long, and once you try to move it’s difficult to do so because your knees are locked and your limbs have fallen asleep? You get used to a position and don’t realize how hard it really is to get back up. Until you actually start moving again.

This is how change can affect our lives if we get too comfortable in one position. It would be more difficult to reposition yourself if your legs have fallen asleep, than it would be if you were constantly moving. Constantly changing. Constantly “doing.” This is why I made the decision last year during that moving-season, to never get too comfortable where I sit, because life happens and I want to always be prepared for change. - Work WITH change not AGAINST it. If you begin embracing the never-ending season of change, you’ll find life to be more than just combinations of disappointment. You will find that your mindset will switch from “why is this happening to me?!” to “how can I use this opportunity to better myself and the lives of others?”

Don’t stay in one place, take the change and make something great come out of it.

// kenzie

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