Mother's Day // Gifts for All the Love Languages


Mother’s Day is meant to be a day where we celebrate the mothers and motherly figures in our lives for doing life with us, teaching us, and lovingly holding us accountable in order to assist us in growing into better people. Maybe you don’t have a mother to celebrate this holiday with, BUT if you have someone who has stepped in and filled the role for you: celebrate them. Let’s celebrate mothers and motherly-figures who make daily-life sacrifices for their spouse, children, grandchildren, dogs, friends, etc. My mom is the BEST and she deserves the world. I wish I could give her everything she wants in life, because she gave me my life. I want to take every opportunity I can to celebrate her. Wonderful her. Mother's Day is rapidly approaching, if you need some pointers on some mother’s day gifts, fear not, I have some ideas that will speak to your mother’s heart (and get you brownie points because you know her love languages). If you don’t know her love language or even what I’m talking about when I refer to a “love language,” head over to this site that will bring you to a test that will explain the five love languages in depth, and you will have to use your own judgement as to which one describes your loved one. Because they’ll know you’re up to something if you make them sit down and take a test. Nobody wants that for a gift. Take the test HERE.

Now that you have an idea of what fills your mother or motherly-figure’s heart with joy, let’s get right into these gift ideas, shall we?


•  The never-gets-old, much-appreciated cliche flowers & chocolate combo. It’s not just for valentines day, you know. You can never go wrong with this classic gift, but also make sure you get her a card to complete the package.

•  She can never bring herself to splurge on something for herself, this is the perfect opportunity to spoil her. Has she had her eye on a pair of shoes she could never bring herself to buy? She hates spending money on herself but would happily pour all of her bonus cash into her kid’s college funds. Buy her those dang shoes, and throw in a pair of sterling silver earrings while you’re at it.

•  Sometimes having the love language of gifts doesn’t necessarily mean she demands expensive items all the time. I mean, sometimes that’s the case. Sometimes expensive items are necessary. BUT most of the time, the magic is in the gift that shows you know her better than she knows herself. Something that shows her you were paying attention to the little details all these years. A book or movie from her childhood she adored, a seashell from your first trip together made into a necklace, a framed photo of her favorite moments in life (after kids were born, her first dog, your wedding, your first vacation together, etc). Anything that will pull her heart strings that she can cherish.

Quality Time

•  Family time! Rent a movie or get a new card/board game to play with family or invite some friends over (bonus points if you bring her mom friends who ALSO have quality time love language).

•  Get tickets to go somewhere together, like a concert to her favorite band (or any local band, lets face it - she’s just going because you are going with her) or a play or a festival!

•  Take her out to her favorite restaurant, get her a gift card with a note that says “dinner on me, call me when you’re free” or surprise her one day and take her out to lunch. Make a day of it! All she wants to do is spend time with you because that’s what puts her in her happiest state of mind!

Words of Affirmation

•  Get her a piece of jewelry (or a monthly subscription box) from the Crowning Jewels: Prophetic Christian Jewelry Store. This gift is encouraging, and something that they will be able to cherish forever. Here is a quote taken directly from their website, because they explain their goals so beautifully, "Each piece of jewelry is designed drawing from beauty, rich words, and deeply rooted meanings.  Hidden in the elegant design is also a deeper symbolism, as each of the pieces represents divine truths and living promises. When we discover who we are created to be there is little that can stand in the way to us walking into our destiny.” AKA, the PERFECT gift for your Words of Affirmation mothers out there.

•  Before she wakes up in the morning, have everyone in your household write down things they love about her on notecards and stick them everywhere that she normally goes during the day. In her briefcase, on her computer, on the mirrors, attach one to her keys, on the windshield, get creative! You want to make her feel loved and appreciated all day, with loving words of encouragement.

•  Have everyone close to her write down all the things they love and appreciate about her in various different ways all in one DIY-ed masterpiece of a scrapbook. Poems, artwork, letters, words of encouragement, bible verses, the WHOLE shebang. This is something that she can come back to when she feels drained or defeated. It will remind her how loved and appreciated she really is, on the days where she feels ignored.

Acts of Service

•  Bring her breakfast in bed and coffee (or her favorite tea), make sure she has a good book and some dang peace and quiet too. Give her the amazing gift of alone time.

•  Deep clean the house: I’m talking sinks, bathtubs, wood floor scratches, refrigerator, anything she hates doing but does with a smiling face anyway. Show her your appreciation by taking the weight off of her shoulders so she can relax.

•  Do you have home video tapes you can’t watch anymore because you left your VCR back in the 80’s? This is the perfect opportunity to head back to memory lane. Grab those old tapes and find a local shop that converts VCR’s to DVD’s, wrap up those bad boys and watch the surprised look on her face unravel as she realizes what priceless gift she is beholding. Bonus points if you organize each DVD by date so they’re easy for her to find (so she doesn’t have to organize for you…that kind of defeats the acts of service vibe).

Physical Touch

•  If you have little kids, have them make her a book with cute little coupons like “1 free bear hug” or “1 movie night of complete cuddling”

•  Get her a massage or spa day, or take her to get her nails done - pretty much anything that will make her feel stress free and taken care of!

Have more gift suggestions? Mother’s day is rapidly approaching, comment your suggestions below! (PS, Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th!)💐

// kenzie

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