Blogmas 2018 | Day 25 | Merry Christmas and THANK YOU

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. We’re posted every day of December leading up to this day. Thank you for celebrating this season alongside me and for making this blogmas a magical one. I have adored reading each guest post and am sincerely over the moon about how many influencers were willing and open to the idea of collaborating on Infinite Brevity this Christmas, during an incredibly busy time of the year. So I would like to extend a HUGE thank you and Merry Christmas to those on the “Blogmas Nice List” which are those who participated in this year’s series.

Annalise Zink | Christmas Time Essentials

Arianna Wyant | Winter Skin Care Routine

Kelly Norris | Deck the Hallway: A Transitional Christmas Tale

Kami Norris | “My Opinion and Outlook on Holiday Traditions

Lorna Patterson | The Commercialism of Christmas

Pam Lozano | The Ultimate Gift

Marlee Lett | More than Just a Holiday

Brittany Beall | An Emo Christmas

Mya Weatherby | Gifts For Couples Based on the 5 Love Languages

I appreciate each and every one of you who sacrificed time to write down your thoughts for these beautiful people, and I appreciate those of you who were willing to participate but life got in the way at the last second which hindered your free time. Your support and love means the world to me! I look forward to next year’s blogmas series and I hope you will join me in spreading a bit of Christmas cheer as a guest writer🎄

I hope you have an amazing Christmas and spend it with the people you love most in life. Thank you for joining me on this journey through life. Merry Christmas!

// kenzie