What's In My Makeup Bag // Makeup Bag Essentials


Before we dive into my makeup bag, here's a fun little "intro" stop-motion I put together for this post!⤵


  • Black Beauty Blender | Used for blending concealer and foundation
  • Orange Real Techniques Beauty Sponge | Used for baking with setting powder and to blend any cream contour or highlighting products
  • Mini Mirror | You never know when you're going to need this little beauty life-saver...this should be an ESSENTIAL in your makeup kit!
  • Eyelash curler from CVS | I have a really fancy-pants eyelash curler that's holographic and wavy metallic goodness. Truly a beautiful hidden gem found at our local drugstore.
  • Tweezers from (you guessed it) CVS | You never know when a little unwanted, outcasted visitor is going to pop up on ya face...tweezers are there to swoop in and make those problems go away. Flyaway eyebrow hair? Gone. Got a darker-than-usual shade of peach fuzz on your lip? Consider it history. Tweezers are a godsend.


  • Urban Decay Primer Potion(s) | I have the original eyelid primer AND a tinted, concealer-like eyelid primer in the shade Eden (which I use more often than the original). Eyelid primers prevent your eyeshadow from creasing throughout the day because it provides a sticky base for the shadows to cling to, they also allow for a more true-to-color, vibrant makeup look altogether. Eyelid primers are a MUST HAVE in your makeup kit!
  • Catrice Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray | This spray is AMAZING and I highly recommend it to those ladies who like a good, affordable, multi-talented product. I spray this on my face after putting on a cream primer, and THEN again after I finish my entire makeup look. It allows for a beautiful, natural finish and my makeup lasts SO much longer than ever before.
  • Laura Mercier Foundation Primer (sample) | I like to switch up my primer fairly frequently. I'm not going to lie, this brand is extremely pricey for an average human like myself. Although I wish I didn't, I absolutely fell in love with this primer sample from Sephora. Curse my thirst for luxurious makeup brands.

Foundation & Concealers:

  • L'Oreal Pro Glow Foundation | I have dry skin that doesn't like regular foundation, especially not full-coverage. I mainly use this foundation to bring life back into my skin, and cover up the discoloration I have on my face, not necessarily to cover up acne or scars or anything too crazy. So, as a disclaimer, I might add: this product is definitely not full-coverage, but can build up to a fair amount. This is my go-to, especially since the finished look gives off a natural-looking glow, which I absolutely can't get enough of.
  • Tarte Shape Tape | This is a full coverage concealer, and it's by FAR my favorite. However, it's a bit expensive so I tend to use it scarcely. If you're looking for a high quality, easily blend-able, not at all cakey concealer - I've just introduced you to the rest of your life. Congratulations on finding your soul-mate.
  • Colourpop No Filter | Need an affordable version of the concealer I just described above? Look no further. I don't think this one is QUITE as good as the Tarte Shape Tape, HOWEVER, if you're looking for an affordable option for concealer that's not only full coverage, but is long lasting, has a wide range of shades to choose from, and doesn't cake and looks super natural - you have stumbled upon the right blog, my dear friend.

Powders & Contour:

  • NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder | A very affordable translucent setting powder that can get messy, all over your counter REAL quick, but I've been loving it recently. Using it guilt-free because the price was just too good to be true.
  • Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer | My favorite bronzer of all time! The perfect shade to warm up and contour the skin simultaneously, while smelling like you literally live inside a pina colada.
  • Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Blush in "Mellow Wine" | A neutral shade that matches pretty much any makeup look, and perfect for when you're on the go and don't have time to do your eyeshadow...life hack: just use your finger and cake this blush on those pretty little eyelids and you're good to go.
  • Essence Pure Nude Highlighter | Okay guys...this is the BEST highlighter FOR REAL. It's literally magic. I could do a whole blog post about this ONE highlighter. It's that amazing. PLUS the price is...oh my gosh.

Eyes & Brows:

  • Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner | Has a defined pen tip for all of your cat-eye needs. It's a bit pricey considering it's a Tarte Cosmetics product, but other than that, I give this little guy a 10/10 definitely recommend.
  • Maybelline Rocket Volume Mascara | Literally the only mascara that I need for the rest of my life. I don't know what I would do if this product gets discontinued. It's lengthening, curling, thickening, not clumpy, and it's just the absolute best thing that I've ever put on my face by far.
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil | 100% a dupe for ABH Brow Wiz and you should definitely get this product over that one because you won't have to take out a loan every time you run out. It has a defined tip that allows for a more natural, buildable brow look which I absolutely love.
  • Essence Tinted Brow Gel | This little sucker will keep your brows in place all day erryday and does not stand for anything other than pure greatness. So I suggest you go out shopping today and pick up this little bottle of joy. This is an incredibly high-quality brand, that's insanely affordable and not a lot of people give it enough credit.


  • Wet N' Wild Liquid Catsuit in "Pink Really Hard" & "Flame of the Game" | I like to carry a variety of lip shades with me when I'm on-the-go, especially if I'm not bringing an eyeshadow palette with me and need a little pop of color. So I currently have a pink shade that's on the more "nude" side, and a fun muted orange shade! I love the formula of these liquid lipsticks. They're super comfortable and don't feel like they're drying out your lips the more you wear them. These are also very affordable...SCORE.
  • Ofra Liquid Lipstick in "Dutchess" | This product is actually on the pricier side. I actually received this in a Boxycharm box once and fell in love with the shade and formula and now it's my favorite shade to wear on a regular basis. This one stays in my makeup bag!

Those are all of the products I currently have in my makeup bag...AKA my current makeup essentials. Let me know if you own or would like to try any of these products, I'd love to know! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful Monday💛

// kenzie
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