Makeup // Why Do We Wear It?


Makeup has been around for quite some time now. These days, people are expressing themselves through a variety of different ways, one of which being makeup art. Some feel the need to cover up their flaws, and they can not leave the house without it. Some smother their face in makeup because it’s art and definitely something in which you can get creative.

I love makeup, I feel that it is a great outing for people like me who enjoy changing up their look constantly.

But what started all of this? Why do we put potentially-harmful, chemically-filled, sometimes unnaturally-colored products on our faces on a daily basis?

I’ll break it down for you:

1. Blush and luscious lips: I decided to put blush and lip colors in the same category because, when it comes down to it, it’s all about the color red. People started to wear blush to create the illusion of the “blushing” action, like when you’re flattered…but all the time. Blush also makes you look healthier and more lively just simply because it gives extra color to your complexion. Rosy cheeks and a statement red color have also both been proven to make you look more desirable. Not just with makeup, but even wearing a red dress, red shoes, you name it. Red is a color of confidence and it shows.

2. Why mascara and winged liner: The eyes are the windows to your soul, and makeup was created to essentially enhance a woman’s best features. Eyeliner draws attention to the eyes and creates this beautiful frame around, typically, the most unique aspect of a person’s facial features. Long eyelashes have always been perceived as the most feminine feature. Side note: If you’ve ever watched cartoons, you probably have noticed the female cartoon characters always have very unrealistically long eyelashes. The eyes are one of our most defining features.

3. Dewy finish: A poppin’ highlight can really complete a makeup look, however, a highlighter can also make you look a lot healthier.’re glowing…literally.

If you didn’t know…now you know. What is your favorite makeup product/brand?

// kenzie