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Powder can be a scary product to use. Especially if you're unfamiliar with the sorcery that IS setting powder. If you use the wrong one, your face could end up looking like train wreck with its cracking and flaking and flashback in photos. *shivers* With that being said, please note that GOOD setting powders are here to HELP you succeed by setting and keeping your makeup beautiful and smooth all day long and not crush your makeup dreams for all eternity. So never fret, I have listed below my favorite and most reliable setting powders I have come across and grown to love over years of searching.
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder | Quite possibly [no...definitely] my absolute favorite powder of all time. I have no idea how they got this formula so perfect, but they did. This loose setting powder is perfect for baking. The finish is natural looking, there's no flashback in photos, and it just sinks right into the skin without flaking. Sorcery. This product is highly recommended by literally every beauty guru on the interwebs and I am in agreement with their raving. It's literally the best and you definitely need it right now.
    • Price | $38.00
  • RCMA No Color Powder | Another favorite of mine. This is definitely a makeup product that doesn't get enough credit for the awesomeness that it is. Probably because you can't purchase it at the big store brands "Ulta" or "Sephora." You have to actually go to the beautylish site and purchase it from there. It's a reliable site and their packaging is amazing, as well as their customer service. I highly recommend you try this powder. RCMA No Color Powder is affordable and a high quality, hidden gem in the beauty community. It's great for baking as well, it's a bit thicker than the Laura Mercier one and it doesn't have any color [unlike the Laura Mercier one] which is actually more helpful.
    • Price | $12.00
  • NYC Translucent Powder | You can grab this product at any local grocery/ drug store. [I wouldn't recommend looking for this product on Amazon, because it's very overpriced there!] If you're looking for a cheaper option than the last two mentioned, "best of both worlds" if you will, then this is the product for you. In my opinion, this is the best loose setting powder at the drugstore that I have used. I have not tested it for flashback in photos, but as far as the wear and longevity I'd say it's pretty dang close to the Laura Mercier powder. As close as the drugstore can possibly get to the powder of all powders of the cosmetic business. [Notice how I'm using the Laura Mercier powder as my standard for all other powders. Yes, that's how good it is].
    • Price | $3.37

For the record, I have dry/combination skin, so my opinions could differ from yours. My recommendations could also not be helpful at all to you beautiful girls with skin on the oily side of the spectrum. I tried to choose products that I personally love and that have good reviews all around with those who have also tried them. Just to make sure I'm reaching all skin types. Because of this, my list is a bit shorter for today's post. Feel free to comment below YOUR favorite powders and why, to help out your sisters looking for more recommendations!

// kenzie

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