#LessStressed // Sincerely, a College Student


From my own personal knowledge, gaining experience and saying yes to everything calls for more opportunities and growth in whatever you want to do in life. Especially when you’re still transitioning into your “beginning life on your own” phase. In honor of school starting back up again, here are a few tips for my fellow college students to grab hold of so you don’t feel the weight of your new, heavily-packed schedule, and so you don’t “overbook” yourself in the long run.


Schedule “nothing” in your calendar | It’s easy to look at your calendar, see an empty day, and fill it up with other people’s needs from you. Sometimes if you’re a “yes man,” you have to schedule time for yourself and your family in your calendar in order for you to take a step back and recharge. 


Plan your study days & times | The same concept as above, but apply it to your studies. This way, you prioritize your studies and you won’t waste time procrastinating because you intentionally set aside this time to work on school.


Go somewhere else to study | For focus purposes, it’s good to switch up your atmosphere every-so-often especially when you have deadlines and it’s hard to stay on track in a normal routine. My personal favorite places to work and study are local coffee shops. I love the low, white-noise buzz of life happening all around me. In some ways that atmosphere calms me down. Everyone is there for a purpose; meetings, studying, reading, personal hobbies, and for the cherry on top (of course) coffee brings people together. I love that atmosphere, and somehow I get more done when I’m working in public than if I try to focus at home. Less personal distractions I suppose.


Physically write your tasks down | I love a good planning app as much as the next media geek. However, I find that if I have color coded notes + sticky notes organized with all the tasks and due dates I need to get done, I get it done and feel more accomplished in the end. Actually taking real sticky notes off my laptop is such an abating sensation at the end of a long day, as well as physically being able to check everything off my task list. I would definitely recommend kicking it old school and using good ol’ pen and paper as your guide to success!

Have any more suggestions? I’d love to know what helps you balance your work and college life for a successful semester!

// kenzie