KL Polish Ethereal Garden Collection // Review


KL Polish Ethereal Garden Collection Review is HERE! I have been posting teasers all over my social media for the past month since this collection was released) and I am so happy to FINALLY be sharing my thoughts with you.

Okay my neutral-loving babes, this is four coats of “Pinky” and one layer of my pink armor top coat. I absolutely adore this perfect light peach shade for the springtime. This was my polish of choice for Easter weekend and let me just say- it was the right choice. If you have a “pink sands” shade of any Apple accessory (my Apple Watch band and case) this is literally the SAME shade and I’m living for it. I love being match-y with my accessories! My only complaint about this polish would be that the formula on this particular shade was extremely thin and a bit more watery than what I normally prefer. BUT lighter shades of nail polish are usually thinner and the color needs to be built up. So, all in all I definitely adore this shade and would wear it again. I would be mindful of how many layers I pack on my nails though, because if you put on too many layers of this polish it peels off quite easily, and chips near instantaneously. It’s a light pink, but neutral enough to where It matches with everything!

Two coats of “Charmed” and one coat of my favorite top/clear polish from Pink Armor. Honestly I probably could have gotten away with three coats of “Charmed” but decided against it because I was in a bit of a time crunch. I normally don’t wear colors on my nails, either, I usually like to stick with neutrals because they go with everything. However... I’m living for these spring shades and this funky little iridescent purple polish. It went on very nicely, it’s very thin, but builds well, and the color is true to how it’s marketed (which is something I really appreciate). All in all, I love this shade, and this is as crazy of a color as I could ever get with my nail polish💅🏻 Would I wear this again? Yes. Would I recommend to you, dear reader? Absolutely.

The third shade I tried out was two coats “Miss Kensington” which is this beautiful mint green shade. Like I mentioned before, I lean more toward neutral shades so this color is a bit of a stretch for me. Though it’s an extremely gorgeous polish, I have a feeling I’ll get tired of this shade fairly quickly because it’s a color that doesn’t match a lot of the things I wear. I like to think of this shade as the “ultimate spring color.” When I think of spring, this is the color that comes to mind. If this is your kind of color, I think it’s a great polish and you should definitely pick this one up! I probably would only wear this shade again on my toes, because I don’t mind having fun colors on my toenails!

Here we have two coats of ‘Selene’ and one coat of my pink armor nail top coat. Okay let me start out by saying this is my FAVORITE shade of this collection. Yellow makes me feel happy, and this shade of yellow is neutral enough to where it goes with anything. I love colors like this - fun and practical. If I were to choose one color to wear on my nails for the rest of my life, this would be my choice. If you’re thinking of getting any individual shade from this spring collection, I’d highly recommend ‘Selene.’ SO beautiful, and I didn’t have to layer coat and after coat!

Next up: Two coats of this fun pink shade “Gum Would Be Perfection” and my pink armor top coat. I would just like to quickly mention that this is by far my favorite name for anything ever, and that my love for Friends will live vicariously through this nail polish. No one will be able to recognize the severity of my obsession...but I will know. Any who, I’m in love with this shade as well. This is a very called-down version of a Barbie pink and I’m all about that chill life. I also love that the first day I wore this polish, it matched with my shirt PERFECTLY and I was low key geeking out about the whole experience. Overall I really love this shade, I didn’t find the fun color to be a problem matching with different outfits. I quite enjoyed thinking pink for a week or so. The polish was long lasting and two coats did the trick!✨

Lastly, two coats of “Dream Boy” and my pink armor top coat was all it took to make my nail dreams come true. (Okay, the experience wasn’t THAT dramatic, but I thought it would fit the ‘dream boy’ name). This shade is a gorgeous grayish/pale periwinkle (it says purple on the site, but it’s definitely more periwinkle). It’s absolutely gorgeous and, from what I’ve seen so far, it’s surprisingly fairly neutral for a colored polish. This probably wouldn’t be my first choice of nail color, however I definitely don’t hate it and would probably wear it again. Out of all the polishes I’ve tried these last few weeks, this one was the easiest to apply and the cleanest to paint on. I don’t know what it was about this polish that made it so stress-free to apply, but this color specifically was super easy for a nail polish newbie like myself.
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