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I don’t have one "thing.” I don’t have one thing; one skill, one talent or ability that my life choices are based around. I do, however, have many interests and incredibly indecisive tendencies which, when these two qualities are put together, result in mishap. I write music, and for most of my life I was convinced I would become a musician as my career. That was my “set path” that I had created for myself and had been running after for years. Until I truly found myself...when I began my current jobs. On top of my natural love to create and listen to music, I found my love for photography, and editing photos and videos. I found my love for makeup and fashion. I found my love for social media marketing. I found my love for graphic design, after effects, and overall communications. I found a love in a lot of different categories. I would say that I “dabble” in each one of these interests of mine. Some may describe me as “jack of all trades, master of none." I like to describe this lifestyle as a “versatile lifestyle.”

There are pros and cons to living a versatile life, and being able to use these interests to assist others is mainly what I prioritize my life choices on, not necessarily what I want to do. Some might say I’m a people pleaser that way. Personally I see this as an opportunity to be a “selfless servant.” I can say no, but only if I have good reason to, not for selfish reason. My entire life I have been in countless circumstances where help was needed in an area of school, church, or the community, and no one was stepping up. So I decided that I would learn on the job and fill in the spaces where need be.

I have a basic understanding of many things and can get by until someone with more experience comes along. Because I have lived out my life this way, I haven’t really found my “niche” and my life at times feels as though it’s going 80 different directions. Which leads my to my first con, feeling the burn out.

Sometimes, a versatile lifestyle can feel a bit draining. Everybody needs you all the time, all for different reasons, and you’re constantly shifting gears. I typically have a good rhythm every week balancing school, church, work, and hobbies, but even if one thing changes ever-so-slightly, the whole world crashes and everyone is wondering why things aren’t getting done and nothing is according to schedule. At least, that’s what I feel happens.

Another con to this certain way of life, is that it’s more difficult to decide which path to take when doors of opportunity begin to open because it’s harder to let go of your other “responsibilities” and “interests.” It’s like once you decide which path to take, you can’t go back and forth, you have to stick with it and be passionate about the one thing you chose. Again, that’s just how I personally look at it. You might be asking “well if this lifestyle is so exhausting then why would you continue to live this way?” The answer is simple: because of the pros.

This lifestyle allows me to utilize all of the skills I’ve learned over the years, keep my mind-tables turning, and I am constantly learning something new each day. My jobs are not boring, and my hobbies tie in with my jobs. For example, I am not a professional photographer, I am self-taught and I love taking photos and editing them, but I use this specific skill to grow social media platform followers for many of our clients at Kelability. I can be flexible and, again, help out wherever I am needed (until someone with more experience can take my place or further expand my knowledge). I love being able to work on different types of projects and utilize my creative skills every single day, and being able to serve others in the process.

Sometimes I do feel like I should possess one dominant interest, it would make life a whole lot easier...but right now, I am content with my busy yet balanced, versatile lifestyle.

// kenzie

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