Monday Motivation // I Made the Cut + I’m Not Hiding Anymore


I know this isn't my typical Monday Motivation, but there's some encouragement behind this post that I wanted to share with you. (And I couldn't wait to share my new look). My hair was the longest I had ever allowed it to grow. I was actually loving every minute of actually having the long hair I had always dreamt of. I’m the type of person who wants to change my hair constantly, but doesn’t want to pay to do it professionally each time. Long story short, I was slowly damaging my hair with boxed hair dye, bleach, and probably products that did more harm than good in the long run. There were many reasons that drove me to the conclusion that chopping it off was necessary, both physically and mental. Mental? Yes, that’s right, there are psychological reasons why I cut my hair too.

Firstly, I love having long hair and quite honestly I know I’ll start missing it within a week maximum. So, I’m partially writing this blog post as a reminder to myself why I made such a drastic change (at least to me). The first reason being the physical aspects. I was ready for a change. I was sick of getting tangled in my hair while I slept, shutting it in the car door, getting my hair stuck in the seatbelt, accidentally getting it stuck under my armpits and my hair smelling like sweat the remainder of the day (gross, right?). Then there’s the whole my-hair-was-damaged-beyond-repair fiasco to worry about. So I thought, let’s make this nice and simple...cut it off. Makes sense right?

Now we move on to the psychological side of this decision. Ever since I started my eating plan, the vitamins in the foods have rapidly increased my hair strength and growth. So I began gaining confidence through feeling more comfortable with my body, and hiding behind this long hair that people seemingly longed for (I know I longed for long hair for a long time). The problem was, I found myself relying on my hair to make me feel and look pretty. Almost as if the combination of long hair and losing weight defined me. I hate the feeling of hiding behind a temporarily glorified feature of mine, so again, changing up my style and cutting off my hair seemed to be the correct response to my self dissatisfaction.


With a new stage in life, a woman needs a new look. I’m deciding to walk with confidence from this day forward. Cutting and coloring my hair was a big decision for me to make, because I’ve always hid behind my little beauty comfort zone. It’s time for me to walk boldly and confidently in who I am. 

I challenge you to do the same in your life. Know who you are, and walk boldly, kindly, and with confidence.

With all of this being said, I am absolutely in LOVE with my new hair and feel so fresh and ready to take on and CONQUER this new phase in my life.

// kenzie