Kathleen Lights x Colourpop Dream St. Palette // Review


Hello fellow makeup lovers (and those who aren’t but love me enough to keep reading anyway). You may know this already, but just in case you don’t, Kathleen Lights (Kathleen Fuentes) is my favorite beauty YouTuber of all time. She has a kindness about the way she handles every situation and she is so genuine (as far as one can tell through the eyes of a viewer). On top of this, her collabs with makeup companies are always THE BOMB, I especially favor her ColourPop collabs such as this one, and I always get super excited when she releases new products. Her and I have similar taste as far as products and shade-ranges go and nothing she has created has disappointed. Without any further adieu, I would like to introduce to you the beautiful Kathleen Lights x ColorPop Dream St. Palette:

S H A D E S (directly taken from the ColourPop site)

  1. Shooting Star: matte soft golden brown
  2. Magical: matte yellow peach
  3. Star Dust: metallic true copper
  4. Twinkle: metallic true rose gold
  5. Sweet Dreams: metallic soft champagne with a peachy pink flip
  6. Water Bearer: matte cool teal
  7. Potion: matte vivid reddish rust
  8. Spark: matte neon red
  9. Kaleidoscope: metallic intense silvery nude
  10. Elfish: matte rich red brown
  11. Moony: satin soft baby pink
  12. Mermaid Boy: metallic deep teal

This palette is 12 shades of pure genius and I haven’t found a single shade that I don’t like (and I’ve used them all). $16 is a very low price for a palette that can create SO many different looks. Which brings me to the reasons I absolutely adore this palette.

M Y  T H O U G H T S

1. The diversity | something I love about Kathleen’s products, is that she is very intentional about making sure the products will be good for ALL skin tones, from the palest of pales to the deepest of darks. It has such a unique color selection that, even though it only has 12 shades, there are endless possibilities with the looks you can create. You can be as bold or as simple as you want!

2. The formula itself | Personally, I’m not a big fan of ColourPop’s super shock shadow line because it’s formula is so hard to blend. I was hesitant to try more eyeshadows from them but I thought maybe their pressed powered eyeshadows would be a bit easier to blend and work with. So I decided, what better way to try out the new shadow formula than to test out a Kathleen Lights product?! It definitely did not disappoint. The shadows are SO easy to blend and they’re not too creamy to where they explode when you dip your brush into them. I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s a pretty good sign when your eyeshadows don’t explode.

3. The price | This palette is $16. What?! Uh YES please. ColourPop is known for their affordable and drugstore-like-priced products. They’re also known for being the bomb and creating products that aren’t trash for great prices. Honestly this palette is a steal and you need it in your life.

Still need some convincing? Don’t worry, I’ll be posting looks you can recreate with this palette in the near future. Bold and natural looks that will help bring you to the bright side of the makeup world. But for now, this post will have to suffice.

What is your favorite shade in this palette?

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// kenzie

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