Adventuring // Downtown Bound


Due to my current stage of life, I literally don't do anything outside of my house except go to class twice each week. You'd think this is an introvert's dream come true, however, even the most introverted person needs friends at some point. Adventuring can be as small as saying yes to a trip to the ol' Downtown Columbus area and making a day of it. I can honestly say that I have had more of a social life these passed five days than I have in months. I think it's just because I've been saying yes to more opportunities for fun things when it arises.


The weather was perfect, and my friend Brittany and I were lucky enough to have been able to get off work at the same time as our friends came in from out of town. A mind-blowing reunion was definitely about to go down and I was pumped. Double-whammy: our two friends didn't know each other so we got to experience reunion and friendship occurring all at once and it was a magical time. Thank God I brought my camera.


Although today made me extremely exhausted because I don't get out much on a daily basis, I left wanting more (if that even makes sense). I left knowing that I still have hope for friendship and adventures. That adventures were only a text message away, rather, a "yes" away.


We explored a place so close to home that I had never been before. An adventure is an adventure, no matter how small (oh hello Dr. Seuss 2.0 didn't see you there). I loved spending time with my friends whom I hadn't seen in quite a long time, and actually saying yes to doing something fun actually helped with my sanity during midterms week (this week).


We went to Fox in the Snow cafe, which is my aesthetic and needs to just be where I live from now on honestly. Then we made our way over to the Short North and explored. We (mostly Brittany because she likes my camera) took cute photos, ate yummy food and uncovered the existence of food chains we had never thought to be possible. It was a grand time and it needs to happen more. To my fellow introverted readers: human interaction is a good thing even though it doesn't seem like it when it's time to leave your house.


This was a short, fun adventure and it fueled my need for more days like today. Go adventuring, you never know how it might change the way you live your life. 


// kenzie

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