How Can I Disconnect...When Social Media is my Job?


The beginning of each year is a fairly popular time for people to “take a break” from their social media and online presence, to focus on their mental health and personal relationships. It’s nice to have a little break from this virtual world that we have be accustomed to living in, from time to time. At my church, we just recently ended our corporate season of focused prayer and intentional fasting. As I was prepping for this season, I jokingly turned to my mom, who is also my boss at my job as a social media manager, and said “should I fast social media?” She then proceeded to nervously laugh, roll her eyes and shake her head. But this surreptitious remark got me thinking: when is it MY turn to disconnect and focus on my own sanity? This may sound a bit selfish, due to the fact that I practically propagandize “me time” and personal mental health on this blog, but it’s really not selfish. I encourage me time. Me time is not selfish, it’s healthy. It’s important. So I wondered when my time might be to get away from it all. Must I wait until I’m sick or, like this week, recovering from my wisdom teeth removal surgery? Do I need a legitimate excuse, like going on vacation or visiting my family in Missouri in order to slip away from my daily life as a social media coordinator? I’ve found that not even on a vacation, do I get a vacation. I don’t say this statement as a complaint, in fact, I can conveniently take work with me wherever I go which is sometimes a dangerous thing. I only say this because I’m addicted to my job. It’s hard for me to get myself to stop thinking about my job and to take a step away from my routine. My mind is constantly thinking of new ideas and content and having my laptop or phone with me at all times is very helpful, considering my awful memory. If I don’t act on an idea right away, or right it down, I will lose it and forget about it within 30min to an hour. I feel like taking a break from my job would probably kill me. I love spending time with my family and friends, and I love stepping away for a night or, dare I say, TWO nights without my computer. I start to get anxious when I’m away for too long because I feel completely out of routine and out of control. Then I think about all the things I’ll need to catch up on once I return to reality.

How do I escape when I practically make a living on social media marketing?

Personally I don’t enjoy long breaks away from work, because I feel like it will throw off my groove, and you know what happens when you get thrown off your groove.

I’ve found that I like to take my work on vacations and trips and such, because it makes me less anxious. I enjoy having control and not worrying about forgetting to get something done. I feel like i’m less anxious when I bring work with me. I found a way to balance my work and vacation, though. I make sure I work ahead on big projects and schedule posts in advance when I know I’ll be gone. At the beginning of each day on a vacation, I will check each client and my checklist for the day (we use Asana for our work - if you want a post on the best apps we use to keep organized comment below), and then after I do my rounds on the internet - I close my laptop for the day. It’s about time management, which is a skill only school has taught me. Or should I say, the only thing school has taught me.

Ways I like to disconnect...

In daily life, I disconnect at certain times of each day. I make sure I take a little bit of time for myself each day so I don’t go absolutely insane. Whether it be throwing a mask on my face and picking up a book, or settling down and watching an episode or two of friends. Even turning on music and organizing my closet or folding some laundry. ANYTHING that helps me wind down, and gets my mind off of work or school-related affairs. Whatever the activity may be, I try to take time to do things that I enjoy, so I am sane when I get to work. I work best when I’ve woken up early, showered to clear my mind, and taken some extra TLC time to focus on feeling good and looking radiant. When I feel good, I work well.

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