Blogmas 2018 | Day 8 | Deck the Hallway: A Transitional Christmas Tale by Kelly

One day we are building Pinterest boards and planning to upgrade the house and the next day we are thrown into the depths of a move. It came like Santa’s sleigh and is progressing even faster. When I’m not knee deep in planning, canceling utilities, transitioning at work, withdrawing my youngest from her school, taking pictures off of walls …  I’ll catch myself singing “Fa la la la la” sarcastically and with my eyes rolled. Other times, my mind wanders to the vastness of this great adventure before us.

We have never lived anywhere but Ohio. It’s been home for many MANY years (I won’t reveal HOW many years … but just trust me, it’s been a LOT). I start to get into a funk when I realize that we may be going into temporary living and not able to even put up a tree for Christmas. HOWEVER, I promised myself I would be “Happy in the Hallway” … meaning, I’m going to make sure I enjoy the transition time (the time in the proverbial hallway) just as much as the destination. Why not? There’s so much to learn in the season of waiting and transition before that next door is fully ready to welcome me in. So, I’m going to take time … even though I will be in between houses and not even have a wall to hang something on, I’m going to DECK THE HALLWAY! I’ll celebrate in the transition and enjoy the individuality of this particular season.  

So what does decking the hallway look like?  

  1. Try to see things through a positive lens. Think of all of the good things that could result from this unexpected adventure that we call life. Just around the corner could be something better than expected … a surprise gift just waiting for you to open.

  2. Remember to respond, not react. It’s bound to happen. A hiccup. An unexpected bump in the road. Getting upset and anxious about it and reacting doesn’t help anyone. In fact, it just stresses everyone out around you. I’ve learned to breathe and text my closest friends and family and ask them to pray. Some things are just out of our hands and we have to trust and believe that they will work out. It’s called faith!

  3. When the memories begin to flood your mind and the ache in your heart gets very real because you are going to miss your current life, you do your best to remember the amazing lessons you have learned since your last big transition.

  4. Embrace the change. Change excites me. However, the transition part isn’t always the most fun. Its uncomfortable and sometimes ugly … that is, if you allow it to be. Find ways to have fun along the way. Laugh and make new memories!

  5. BE FLEXIBLE. A very self explanatory and elementary concept, but it’s VITAL to decking the hallway!

  6. Let things go. There are things that work wonderfully in your current season that won’t work in the new season. Don’t try to hang on … If you lose a bunch of weight, you’re old clothes don’t fit anymore, right? There’s something freeing about entering into a new season and starting fresh.

  7. Remember to maintain an attitude of gratitude. If you’re thankful, it’s really hard to be upset. Be thankful for what you have, for what you have experienced and where you are going. Be thankful for the people in your life.

If you’re not in a season of change or transition right now, you will be at some point. It’s inevitable. Just remember to enjoy the process. You’ll end up in the same place regardless, but you'll definitely have more fun if you deck the hallway!

// kelly


Kelly Norris is an experienced leader and credentialed minister who has worked with numerous churches, church plants, small businesses, and non-profits serving in a variety of capacities. She's a strategist and builder. As the owner and founder of Kelability, LLC, she works as a virtual contractor, consultant and integrator.


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