Coffee Chats // Hello June


Summer is an exciting time. Everything opens from the fading bittersweet winter weather, the sun comes out, and everyone just seems a little happier. June is an exciting month for me. It’s going to be filled with travel, new products to try out for you guys, new goals, concerts and lots of fun summer days. So I thought I would sit down with a cup of coffee and tell you all about it.

Vacation Destination // Florida


I haven’t been to the beach in so long, I almost forget what it’s like. I can’t wait to lay out and burn in the sun everyday with sand in places I’ve never given consent to be. I mostly can’t wait to be able to walk the beach confidently. I loved the idea of going to the beach, but never really enjoyed myself when the opportunity actually presents itself, because I’ve never really been confident in my appearance. I’ve lost a lot of weight since the last time I wore a bathing suit, which has great influence on the way I see and carry myself. I’m in no way saying that you can’t walk the beach confidently just the way you are, but my personal perception of myself was warped and wanting to improve myself to feel more confident isn’t a bad thing. I have reached so many goals I never thought I would be able to and I’m so excited to finally be able to enjoy myself on this vacation without worrying. I can’t wait to to take photos, take beach-sunset walks, and be surrounded by the people I love.


If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve been going to a crap ton of concerts. But no complaints here. One I am particularly ecstatic about is WALK THE MOON. I’ve always dreamt of seeing them live, and my middle school self is SCREAMING right now. Brittany (BitsOfBrittany on YouTube) and I are road-tripping to the Blossom Music Center the day after I get back from Florida. It’s going to be an extremely exciting and busy week with lots of driving around. But It’s going to be so worth it. I can’t wait to see them in concert.



June is a month FILLED with birthdays. I just wanted to give a shoutout to my best friend in the whole world Kalie. Her birthday was June 1st and I was so grateful I was able to celebrate with her and our friends on that day. Plus, how cool is it that her birthday falls on National Donut Day? I’m honestly jealous and my birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.

Next up is my boyfriend Zach. His is June 4th and I am so thankful I got to celebrate with him on the day of his actual birthday. Our weekends are always so busy, so I’m glad his birthday fell on a Monday. We celebrated with concert tickets to a few of his favorite bands coming in town in July, a long walk to soak up the beautiful sunshine, and finished off the day with a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse. All in all, a successful day.

My beautiful cousin Lainey’s birthday is on the 28th, and I’m sure we’re going to celebrate when we see her family on vacation this coming week. Though they live far from us, I love that we’re almost always able to celebrate this special occasion with her in the summertime.

New Beginnings

Something I’m super excited to begin this month is my bullet journalling journey! Recently I’ve really been getting into drawing and tapping into my creative nature. I want this to kind of be an outlet for my brain’s crazy ideas. I will also be doing a bullet journal set-up video coming soon! Don’t know what bullet journaling is? Here are some YouTube channels I've been obsessively watching to get me in the creative mode:




All of the Things

I am currently in the process of reviewing the new KL Polish Havana Heat Summer Collection and may I just say a quick first impression: This is my FAVORITE one yet! I think I’m in love with every single color.


I just picked up the book Summer Skin (recommended by Instagram blogger @sweptawaybybooks) and I’m so excited to crack it open and see all the magic in store.

What are you most waiting in anticipation for this month?

// kenzie