Coffee Chats // Hello April ☕️

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Well March just flew right on by didn’t it? Seems like my 2019 was eager to get that month out of the way REAL quickly. Life is starting to get a little brighter and more colorful. Hello April, hello SPRING! 💐

What are “Coffee Chat” posts?

Coffee Chats” are monthly posts I started doing on Infinite Brevity in 2018 and it’s something I really loved and continued into 2019 because it provided THREE things:

1) Time for me to stop and appreciate things that are going on in my own life.

2) Motivation for me to actually go through with the things I say I’m going to focus on each month.

3) A chance for me to sit down and connect with you, just like I would if we were old friends catching up on life over a cup of coffee.

So here’s what’s going on this month (and it’s a busy but EXCITING month)


I am over the moon excited about working with my all-time favorite sassy t-shirt company SassMasterDesigns! Jennifer is such a loving, encouraging, creative person with an amazing story. She empowers and connects with people through sass and wit…and I can’t think of a better way to do so. We connected a while back and immediately I knew we would be friends!

I adore working with local businesses and assisting them in growing their brand through personalized photoshoots that reflect who they are. Catch the images later this month on her site!


Another incredibly exciting milestone for Infinite Brevity coming up: THE FIRST WEDDING! 👰🤵My friends Cierra and Mitchell are getting married this month and I had the honor of capturing their engagement photos, as well as being asked to shoot their wedding {yay!}

If I’m being totally honest, naturally, I’m nervous. Wedding days are the most important! My biggest fear is missing important moments and staying within my scheduled time frame. I am looking forward to this experience, to celebrating with them, and am completely grateful they chose me to capture this beautiful day.

Take a look at their engagement photos here:



Last month I told you about my amazing mom and the unique friendship we have - she’s coming back into town again for a few days {perks of being able to work remotely} and I’m so excited to see her again! And next month, my boyfriend and I are going to Georgia to visit my whole family - Dad, Mom, my younger sister, and the two pups 🐶


In one of my most recent posts {Things} I promised to keep you updated on the progress of minimizing the things in my life. My first project was to go through my winter wardrobe since spring weather is creeping around the corner. I decided to tackle a little bit at a time and put anything I didn’t wear this past winter into the give away bag. After that, I chose to narrow down the things I did wear. I would get dressed in the mornings, and every time I didn’t like the way something looked on me, it went into the bag. I was quite ruthless if I’m being honest. But it forced me to wear things that actually looked good on me rather than just feeling “okay” in what I was wearing. I stopped caring about why I kept those pieces for so long and and finally let them go. It’s a freeing feeling really.

Now this bag is sitting in my bedroom, waiting for me to list the quality pieces on Mercari and donate the rest to either family members or a local thrift store. My next project: Spring wardrobe {which is currently in storage so I’m not sure what exactly I have to deal with…pray for me}.



No concerts this month {shocking, I know} but never fret, I’m making up for it next month {with 5 too many…}

Last month I went to two shows in one weekend and it got me all hyped up to go to more, but I’m thankful for this month of rest before the crazy month of May rolls around with concerts and lots of traveling.


  • LANY | May 6th

  • LANY | May 7th

  • LANY | May 28th

  • The 1975 | May 12th

  • The 1975 | May 14th

I love getting to know you and giving you a little peak into the happenings within my life and connecting with you. Remember to subscribe to the Infinite Brevity e-newsletter if you haven’t already to receive occasional blog updates and fun new happenings as our brand grows! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this little “brain dump” type post. Have a wonderful April! Comment below what you’re most excited for this month ⬇️

// kenzie