Blogmas 2018 | Day 4 | Christmas on a Budget


Christmas doesn’t have to be a financial-killer. It really can be a time of joy in giving and celebration if you allow yourself to see it that way! My budget is tight and being the full-time college student with part-time working hours I am, one can only assume Kenzie won’t be giving out any cars this year. However, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that allow for some peace of mind in the gift-shopping realm of the Christmas season.

  • Can’t buy a gift for everyone this year? Suggest a “Secret Santa” - esque Christmas this year within your family. Draw names out of a hat, and enjoy the thrill of choosing the one perfect gift for the person you chose at random. Chance with decide your Christmas-gift fate!

  • Want to buy everyone a gift, but need to stay on a budget? Find something everyone will enjoy and buy it in bulk. Sometimes buying in bulk can even save you money on shipping and get you deals you couldn’t receive anywhere else. May I suggest my gals over at SassMasterDesigns [Sassy Shirts that Change the World] for all of the witty, sassy gals in your life? Their shirts are pretty awesome. Another gift I would suggest for your fellow coffee drinkers are funny mugs! You can find quality, funny, useful mugs on Etsy and Amazon for great prices, especially if you buy in bulk. Just saying!

  • Start your Christmas shopping early, or begin setting money aside for Christmas in January for the next year. Your future self will give you a big pat on the back and your stress levels and hatred toward holiday shopping will suddenly decrease. Oh! And write down names of people you’re buying gifts for, so you know exactly how much you’re wanting to spend and you’re able to shop throughout the year instead of spending all your money at the last second.

  • Invest time into couponing and coupon applications for online shopping. I love E-bates for cash back when I make purchases online as well as Honey for automatically finding coupons for me at checkout so I don’t have to remember to go searching for them.

  • Get creative! Head over to Pinterest and get your DIY on this year. There are plenty of DIY gift projects that don’t require $1000 in materials to create, and on top of that, they are useful and customizable gifts that people would actually enjoy receiving.

    • One year I created coasters with family photos on them with cheap tiles from Home Depot, stick-on felt underneath, and mod-podged photos of family as the main piece.

    • You can also buy white mugs at the dollar store and invest in Mug Markers so you can customize them however you want for each person you gift them to. If you want to customize it further, you can also pick up their favorite candy or some hot cocoa mix at the dollar store as well and present them inside the mug for an extra surprise.

  • Sentimental value over price value. Invest in some beautiful stationary and pens and write beautiful letters of love, appreciation and reflection to your loved ones. Words will stick with people more than any “stuff” present could. If you go into this Christmas season with the mentality of being rich in words rather than being rich in money, your family and friends will understand and appreciate the time you took to simple honor them.

My friends, Christmas is not about the gifts you give or receive. It’s not about us at all. Be with your family, be rich in words, love, and in gratuity. I know how it feels when all you want to do is show your appreciation for the people in your life by showering them in gifts, but you simply can’t afford to. This guide is to help you shift your focus from a poverty mentality to a positive mentality. You make do with what you have and go from there. I hope you take into account these tips and tricks to be able to dive into this holiday season with a little more hope.

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// kenzie