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Brow tip of the day - if you have darker hair, choose a color that's two shades LIGHTER than your hair color. If you have lighter hair, choose a color that's two shades DARKER than your hair color. Eyebrows can complete or destroy your makeup masterpiece. Ever heard the term "sisters not twins"? They don't have to look perfect and clean to where they look painted on or cover your entire forehead. For brows especially, there definitely needs to be a little balance between neat and natural. Here are a few of my favorite products to achieve the "neat and natural" look.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz | I used to use this little miracle worker every day and may I just say...I don't know how such a product can make my eyebrows look that dang good. This brow pencil pretty much does all the work for you, I'm no brow expert but this product makes me look like I am. Fake it 'til you make it, right? JUST kidding. The only reason I don't use this product anymore is because it's very pricey, if you use it everyday it runs out quickly, AND I found a product exactly like it for less than half the price [listed below]
    • Price | $21
  • NYX Micro Brow Pencil (dupe for Brow Wiz) | Like I said before...I stopped using the Brow Wiz [listed above] because of this product. This brow pencil is very thin and does everything I need it to do AND it's cheaper than the "big brand" ABH. Don't get me wrong though, both products are AMAZING and I would highly recommend them BOTH. However, they do the same thing and I'm trying to help you save a few arms and legs by stressing the fact that the two amazing products are pretty much the same.
    • Price | $9.99
  • Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter | Here's another one of those highly-recommended, high-quality, overpriced products that definitely has a great dupe at the drugstore that will save you a lot of money. This is an amazing brow gel/setter and the product that I'm about to talk about isn't quite exactly like this one. Honestly I think this gel is worth the money just because once you put it on, ya brows ain't going anywhere. They stay on all day and it looks very natural...which is the best. The more naturally-full looking the better.
    • Price | $24.00
  • Essence Make Me Brow Gel Mascara | This is an AMAZING tinted brow gel. Stays on all day, gets the job done...all that combined with the price can't be beat [unless there's an incredible free product you're holding out on me with]. If you're just looking for something sweet and simple for everyday use I'd recommend this gel completely. This one is my go-to!
    • Price | $2.99

// kenzie

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