Blogmas 2018 | Day 5 | How To WIN-ter At Life


Did you catch the cheesy pun in the title? That’s right folks. Today I will be releasing my top secret advice on how you can WIN at life through this cold, dreary, yet oddly festive winter weather. I am going to teach you how to life-hack your way to a successful winter season with these tips and tricks!

  • Are you cold in the house? Are you cold in the car? Are you cold everywhere you go no matter how many layers of snuggies you put on? Been there, done that. The fix? Do laundry. This is a GREAT way of multitasking - simultaneously get house chores done while you get toasty and warm in your freshly-washed socks, sweatpants, and snuggies. Cold at night? Fluff your blanket in the drier. You can’t lose!

    • Another way to stay warm, especially at night. Invest in a heated blanket, then “pre-heat” your bed while you’re getting your pajamas on so it’s nice and toasty when you settle in. There are ALSO heated car blankets you can get if your car is an older model and doesn’t have heated seats (like mine). Check it out here!

  • Have you always dreamt of having a real-Christmas-tree tradition in your household, but you would never allow yourself to be bothered with the mess or stress it takes to actually make it happen? The convenience seems to always overrule the fresh smell of pine which would fill the house with Christmas ambience for sure. Allow me to help you in settling this internal battle within yourself - get a faux tree, and find some wickedly amazing pine-scented candles. It’ll trick your brain (and your guests) into thinking it’s a real tree without the care. You get the best of both worlds! *cue Hannah Montana theme song*

  • Do you find yourself feeling itchy and uncomfortable as the air starts to become more bitter and harsh on the skin? No matter how much lotion you put on, your skin STILL feels unbelievably uncomfortable and makes you never want to shower or shave again. Does this sound familiar? Although the “going rogue and boycotting general hygiene” solution sounds easiest, it’s not ideal. But never fret, my friend. I have found a noble steed that gets me through the harsh, cruel and dry winter air without fail, and I would like to share it with you today. I recommend grabbing an in-shower lotion and incorporating it into your daily routine IN ADDITION to putting on lotion IMMEDIATELY after showering. I use the Nivea Cocoa Butter In-Shower Body Lotion in conjunction with the OGX Extra Creamy Coconut Miracle Ultra Moisture Lotion and my skin has never felt more hydrated in the winter. 150/10 would recommend these products HOWEVER, any in-shower body lotion and regular lotion will do. These are just (in my opinion) the best I have found!

    • Disclaimer: I take long, hot showers which dry out my skin and throw off the balance of my skin’s natural oils. This is why this itching and dryness occurs. So if you’re not looking for a product-based solution, another way of reducing the dryness is to simply take shorter, lukewarm/cool showers to keep your skin hydrated and oils balanced.

  • Ready for some shoe hacks? Here are a few:

    • Cut pool noodles into pieces and stuff them into your tall boots to make them stand up straight and look nice.

    • Use old sweaters or sheets of wool to create your own warm shoe insoles. Never get cold feet again!

    • Don’t have waterproof shoes? Use plastic wrap or plastic baggies over your socks to ensure dry feet all day long.

  • Something I love doing in the wintertime is to boil water on the stove with cinnamon sticks and orange peels. This fills the house with moisture and the smell of Christmas in the air!

    I hope you enjoyed these few life hacks for the wintertime. Comment below if you have any to add! Remember to give this post a big ol’ “ ❤️” below if you enjoyed, share this post with your friends if you found a hack you think they would utilize, and subscribe to the Infinite Brevity e-newsletter.

    // kenzie