DIY Gifts That People Will Actually Like | Blogmas 2017 Day 2

  • Hand-Knitted Blanket | This sounds hard but trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. I learned from this cute little video I came across and decided to try it for myself. If you have time on your hands (which I assume you might if you’re looking up DIY’s for Christmas gifts), then this is a great gift to give someone this holiday season. Plus, there are guaranteed brownie points when you tell them you make it with your own two hands just for them.

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  • Good Smelly Things | Create a bath bomb, sugar scrub, or essential oils chapstick combo for them and name it after them or an inside joke you share. You’ll be greatly appreciated for your thoughtful, useful, delicious smelling gift.

  • Mason Jar Goodies | Put ingredients for cookies, brownies, or just a bunch of candy in a beautifully decorated mason jar. Food is always a good option, especially when it satisfies their sweet tooth.

  • Bundles of Joy and Happiness | No, I’m not talking about dogs or babies. Personalized bundles of food, games, movies, and things of that nature. They like makeup and nail polish? They’re a movie-addict? Grab a few things in that category, doll it up in a cute little box or basket with fun cards and stickers (and more food) and you’re golden, Pony Boy.

  • Customized Coasters | Since this is a decorative item, make sure you know their style and what will match with their home. You don’t want to confidently give someone a gift like this just to have them throw it in the back of their cabinets, never to be seen again. That’s useless. I make coasters for my Nan two years in a row. One year it was “family themed” so I grabbed pictures of our family and extended family and mod-podged them onto 60 cent tiles from home depot, and put sticky velcro on the bottom. Voila, a masterpiece.

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What has been your favorite DIY gift you’ve ever received and why?

// kenzie

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