Blogmas 2018 | Day 1 | On the First Day of Blogmas...


Can you believe it’s DECEMBER already? WHAT! I guess it’s true what our parents used to tell us… time really DOES go by more quickly as you get older. The Holidays used to seem lightyears away from a child’s perspective, but now that I’m older it gets a little less magical. Realistic thinking starts to settle in as you begin your Christmas shopping in August and you have to actually start PLANNING when and where your holiday celebrations will take place, rather than following your parents around and just simply receiving gifts from Santa. As you get older, keeping the Christmas spirit alive gets harder. That’s why little things like hosting BLOGMAS in December are a must!

What is Blogmas?

I’m not SUPER into the Holiday season {WHAT?! How am I even HUMAN?! I know}, but every year I like to contribute to this season and spill a smidgen of Christmas cheer onto the blog, which results in a little thing I like to call “Blogmas.” Blogmas on Infinite Brevity consists of daily festive posts from December 1st up until December 25th. Essentially it’s just a fun and creative way of doing a Christmas countdown from the beginning of December up until Christmas day! Some people choose to do “12 Days of Blogmas” or all 31 days in December, but I like to have a good middle ground and stick with the classic countdown until Christmas!

What Will I Write About?

Celebrating with you all makes me incredibly happy and, now more than ever, I’m going to need people to spread some Christmas cheer alongside me! I will be away from my family and life is a bit chaotic due to my recent move. But I have decided that this year will be a VERY special one, because I have asked a few of my beautiful blogger and influencer friends to get involved! We will be writing about ALL THE HOLIDAY THINGS. Everything from creative DIY and makeup to unique personal tales from all types of Christmases! So stay tuned for lots of wonderful festive posts that will surely hype you up for this Christmas season🎄

I can’t wait to spend the Holidays with you this year! I hope you find enjoyment and feel prepared for this season, I know I’m already getting excited. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Infinite Brevity newsletter to keep yourself updated and aware on what’s happening on the blog this Christmas! And go ahead and give this post a big ol’ “ ❤️” below if you’re excited for this series. Happy Holidays, and Merry Blogmas to all!

// kenzie