Artificial vs Real Christmas Trees // Pros and Cons | Blogmas 2017 Day 5


I’ve always liked the idea of getting a real tree for Christmas. However, there are definitely pros and cons to this whole situation that make me question whether or not I will continue to use artificial trees upon moving forward with my individual life (aka when I move out). I’ve heard from many different people that once you start getting real trees, you’ll never want to get artificial ones again. I’ve also heard from many people that artificial is the only way to go if you don’t have any time on your hands (or if you kill any plant you come in contact with, like me). ARTIFICIAL | PROS * Saves time and heavy-lifting | good for those who aren’t strong enough to set up and carry a real tree alone * Saves money | you only have to buy an artificial tree every ten years or more * Clean(er) | You don’t need to keep it hydrated, and it doesn’t shed all over your carpet

REAL | PROS * The smell | Nothing compares to the wonderful smell of a real Christmas tree * The experience | your family, friends, kids, roommates, will never forget the times you went out to pick the Christmas tree * Uniqueness | Each tree is unique, you can search for, and find “the one” every year * Fullness | No gaping holes or damage from using it every year like you might see with artificial trees * No Tree-Storage Necessary | Once the season is over, so is the tree

ARTIFICIAL | CONS * It’s not a real tree | You have to put it together, untangle the light and ornament remnants from the last year * Looks like a fake tree | Who are you trying to fool? Of course it looks fake. Nothing beats the look of a nice, big, full-looking real tree * Takes Up Space | You have to find a space out of sight to store your tree and ornaments

REAL | CONS * Price | Buying a tree every year for ten years {the lifetime of an artificial tree} adds up to around 3 times the amount of purchasing a single artificial tree * Messy | Keeping care of this tree is one thing, keeping it hydrated. But you also have to clean up after it when you first set it up, every day until you take it down, and then the worst- cleaning up after you’ve taken it down *shivers* * Saying Goodbye | You’ve finally found the perfect tree, decorated it, spent all season with it, and then you have to let it go * Guests | You might get special tree guests that attack your grandparents and cause your cat to get electrocuted (10/10 Christmas Vacation reference)

What is your take on this annual decision between artificial and real trees?

// kenzie

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