Bulk Gift Giving // On a Budget | Blogmas 2017 Day 20


Going to a Christmas party with your friends? Having a party with your co-workers? Need a gift for everyone but don’t have it in your budget to buy 20 people a unique and mind-blowing gift for Christmas? I can fix that (anyone catch that “Holes” reference?). The gift of Redbox | Did you know you can buy everyone a movie night in and only have to spend one dollar on each person? Well, you can. You can order the unique Redbox promo codes in bulk HERE, and you send Redbox the email list and they’ll take care of the rest for you. Genius!

The gift of Starbucks | Everyone has their own drink and special order for Starbucks, and buying those can take time and the cost can add up quickly. There are two ways you can give Starbucks as your kind Christmas gesture to your friends, who understand your budget doesn’t allow for you to buy everyone Christmas presents and still have money to eat, you’re not Santa Claus.

  1. Select a few coworkers that you see regularly and who you connect with, or contact your closest friends for a little get together, and ask them to send you their Starbucks order. That way, they get what they want and you don’t have to buy for the whole country.

  2. A $5 gift card to Starbucks buys either an expensive drink, or two regular espresso-style drinks. This way, you know what you’re spending, a gift card seems more “gift-like” than bringing them a drink itself, and you’re spending a whole lot of money on a ton of people.

The gift of AMC | An AMC gift card enough for a movie night for two. This gift would be awesome for your couple friends (two birds with one stone) who you think would enjoy a little date night at the movies. Bonus points if you give the gift card attached to a cute “movie night” bundle- popcorn bag, candy, but not to bring it into the theater with them of course…

The beloved gift of Socks | Socks are a cool gift to receive, I don’t care what anyone says. If you need a fun, bulk gift idea, but you don’t want to get everyone the same exact thing, this is what you need. Amazon has fun unique packs of socks you can purchase HERE or you could simply take a trip to a dollar store near you and pick up however many you need, and choose the styles you want, and boom you’re done. And those only cost $1 each.

The gift of Food | Everyone likes food. Work in an office? Buy some donuts, make some cookies, set them in a public area and watch the joy in the room increase by 100. You will be the office favorite. Work from home? Go out for lunch or coffee, and pay for the people behind you. It’s not a bulk gift, but it sure would bring happiness into their lives. Going to a Christmas party? Bring a tin of your favorite homemade peppermint bark (recipe HERE) and tell them you made it just for them with your own two hands. You’re welcome.

The gift of DIY | Pinterest is a dangerous place, however, there are many cute/ fun DIY gifts you can make for a large number of people that they will actually enjoy. If you're not big on pinterest, i've created a board devoted to little DIY gifts you can make on a budget HERE.

I hope this list was helpful to you and makes you want to go out and give to your world on a budget. If you try or have tried these, let me know how it went! I personally would love to receive any of these gifts, so I know you can’t go wrong with these.

What is your favorite bulk-gift on this list?


// kenzie

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