Feel Better // A Guide to Help You Kick the Sick(ness) | Blogmas 2017 Day 17


Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the constant stream of “go go go.” Never seeming to have a moment to myself. Rather, a moment to actually take care of myself. Christmas time is wonderful and all, but alas “it’s the buuuuuusiiieestt tiiiiiime of the yeeeaaarrrr.” And I get it, when you’re constantly on the go; the clutter in your home builds up, fast food becomes your best friend, sleep becomes a memory, and dust begins to collect. It can all be a bit overwhelming, and on top of these visible disappointments lying around you’re also beginning to feel physically worse.

Though the weather outside is changing, it’s not the only reason you’re starting to feel a bit feverish and weak. Stress, long hours, not caring what you’re putting into your body- these are all things that are causing you to feel the way you’re feeling.

So, aside from this list, I want to make a note here to say PLEASE take care of yourself. Recognize when your body has had enough. Pay more attention to what’s going into your body. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep- coffee doesn’t equal sleep (I know. This shocked me too). So, with that being said, if you are already sick and you’re ready to kick whatever it is that’s bothering you let’s get into some things that’ll help.

Essential Oils

(This website will give you ways to use the oils and a description of how they help you. I’m only listing ones that I personally have used and have worked for me)

  • peppermint | stomach ache/nausea, pain, congestion

  • lemon | fatigue, fever, cold, flu

  • lavender | sleep, congestion, pain

  • cinnamon | fatigue, nausea, stress, blood flow

  • ginger | anxiety, indigestion/ nausea, blood flow, detox

Makeup to make you look...alive

  • Concealer | itCosmetics bye-bye undereye

  • Powder | RCMA no color powder

  • Blush | elf blush palette

  • Highlight | essence pure nude

  • Mascara | Maybelline rocket volume

  • Brows | NYX microbrow pencil

Foods and Drinks to kickstart your immune system

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Honey

  • Peppermint/ mint/ cinnamon-based tea

  • Cinnamon

  • Citrus fruits

  • Citrus smoothie | green cabbage, peeled oranges, pineapple, beat juice, lemon, flaxseed oil

  • Leafy greens

  • Banana spice smoothie | spinach, unsweetened coconut milk, bananas, fresh ginger, cinnamon

Around the house

  • Get a diffuser, mix your essential oils, and leave it on all day to cleanse your home

  • Boil hot water over your stove with orange peels, cinnamon sticks, honey, lemon peels and literally just leave the mixture to boil. If your feeling particularly stuffy that day, carefully stand over the steam and allow the mixture scents to do their magic.

I’m no doctor, but I have tried these home remedies and might be able to save you a trip to a real doctor. I hope you found these helpful, and I hope y’all are staying WELL and you won’t even need to use any of these tips. But if you’re feeling under the weather, I encourage you to try these home remedies and let me know which ones helped you.

Take care of yourselves and make good choices!

What are some of YOUR home remedies? Comment below and help each other out!

// kenzie

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