4 Amazing Apps To Save You Money This Christmas | Blogmas 2017 Day 16


Online shopping is pretty much the only way I roll when it comes to Christmas time. Stores are crowded and let’s be honest, people are stressful to be around. Especially around this time of the year. Online shopping, however, is dangerously convenient, your item totals add up quickly, and shipping costs can often get quite pricey. If you’re anything like me, you're not much of a couponer because frankly that takes way too much time and commitment, and I’m maxed out on those qualities at the moment. However, I’m going to let you in on a few tips and tricks I’ve got up my sleeve that will help you with your online shopping experience, without worrying about clipping coupons or attempting to negotiate prices with the retail shop managers (hint: they won’t budge, trust me).

Here are some apps and chrome extensions I have been using to make my online shopping a much brighter, wonderful experience:

1) eBates (app and chrome extension) | The ultimate cash back app, literally.  I typically do my shopping on my computer and not my mobile device. So when I shop, I have the eBates Google Chrome extension that automatically reminds me to redeem cash back on any website I go to shop. I would never remember to check eBates in the middle of shopping, because I’m always too focused. But the extension automatically pops up when a cash back offer can be applied and all you have to do is click “redeem” and it’ll add your cash back (once you purchase from that site) to your eBates account. Once you have a certain amount of cash in your account, you are able to redeem it through PayPal or through gift cards. So helpful! Check it out HERE

2) Honey (chrome extension) | There isn’t a a mobile app for this as far as I am aware but, just like eBates, I use Honey as a Google Chrome extension and it automatically reminds me at checkout to scan for coupons so YOU DON’T HAVE TO. The cool thing about this extension is that it scans the web for the best deals and calculates which coupons will give you the best price. You will not ever feel like you’re not getting the best deal you possibly can ever again. Check it out HERE

3) Drop (app) | Earn points while shopping (basically just earning money to shop) to use toward stores like amazon, lyft, whole foods, starbucks, amc, sephora, etc. Literally anywhere anyone likes to go. So as you shop, earn points, those points will add up, and you can use those points to shop for Christmas presents or just to treat yo’self. Check it out HERE

4) Retail Me Not (website and app) | If you feel like you’re not sure about the honey app doing all the work for you, then this is the site for you. Retail Me Not is a website and mobile app that you can physically search for coupons on and pick and choose the best and most current deals for you. This is a platform where people submit coupons that are currently valid, people can vote and let others know whether the coupon worked or not, and it will tell you when the coupons have expired and can no longer be used. Overall this is a helpful mobile app and website to have around, just in case you want to double-check the honey app's credibility. (I guarantee you’re never going to want to use another couponing app again once you start with honey). Check it out HERE

// kenzie

Did I list one of your favorite money-saving apps?

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