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Life moves rapidly and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of it all. You celebrate New Years, have some failed resolutions, and then, before you know it, it’s New Years again and you’re wondering how you ever got to this place. It can be a challenge to keep up with life, have time for yourself and for those you care for, and also set aside time to process, reflect, and appreciate those things. Yes, you need breathing space. Your life should not be all walk and no breaths. This year my friend Kalie, who actually wrote the previous blogmas post (if you want to read it click here), introduced me to the world of journaling. She has an incredible memory and is my go-to person whenever I need to remember anything that happened in my life, in the world, what I was talking about 5 seconds ago, why I walked into a room, and all that stuff. She’s pretty awesome. I, however, have (literally) the worst memory. My grandpa says it’s because my mind is going in so many different directions that it’s hard to focus on one thought at a time. So that is something I just choose to believe. But I definitely have an awful memory and that’s just a fact about myself with which I must live.

It’s hard for me to recall things in my life. It’s very easy for me to simply live in the present and look forward to the future, and forget everything that’s ever happened in my life…like literally ever. I like to think of my incompetent memory as a good thing because I can look ahead in life versus living in a state of constant reminiscence. However, it’s hard for me to appreciate moments that I just simply can’t recall. Time moves quickly. I feel like one moment I was 6 years old, my only problem being whether or not my brother would allow me to play G.I. JO with him or not, and the next moment I’m discussing near-future “moving out" living arrangements. You can’t stop time to reflect on your life, but you can definitely take a moment of your time to appreciate and document your days and how you feel about them. Literally 2 minutes of your day. That’s all.

Since Kalie has an amazing memory, I always thought it was interesting how she has kept a daily journal every year since she was little. I just thought she’d remember every day. However, journaling not only allows your brain to process your days differently than you would if you didn’t write things down, it also allows you to concentrate on the important moments that had happened during that specific day. Making it easier for you to recall this information from your brain later on, because you took that one moment out of your day to process and write down a small reflection of what you did and how you felt. Kalie inspired me to get a daily journal of my own, and start documenting the moments. I began this journaling journey in the beginning of Summer, and have kept it up every day since then. It has allowed me to recall things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and I’m able to go back and reflect on each day that I’ve lived through and appreciate the little moments as well as the big moments. Literally from “my dogs got groomed” to “my brother got MARRIED” and every glorious moment in between.

I don’t have all the time in the world to sit around and write a novel every day based on every little tiny detail of each day. I work from home, but that doesn’t mean I’m not incredibly busy. I’m a bi-vocational college student and life is stressful and chaotic 24/7, but I’ve recognized that documenting these moments makes me stop and feel more appreciative in the midst of the insanity. It takes two minutes per journal entry. Two minutes out of the day.

So, I have a challenge for you | In 2018, I’m challenging YOU to keep a daily journal for yourself and see how it affects your view of your own life. You can keep a physical journal like I do, and switch it up every year, or if you’re always on-the-go, keep it on your phone. There are numerous journaling apps, and even just the “Notes” app that comes with your phone. Whatever way you can, just document and reflect on, and appreciate every moment, good and bad. “Mom went to the hospital” and “Mom got OUT of the hospital!” “Kooper (my puppy) slipped a disc in his back” and “Kooper can finally walk and is feeling like himself again!” The down moments, the process, and the victories.

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Do it in whatever way fits in your schedule and you feel might be the most affective way, unique to your own style. But I’m encouraging, and challenging you to keep this journal close and see where it takes you. Because sometimes you have to intentionally direct your attention to the little things that pass you by, to get the most out of your life. Don't let the years slip away because you couldn't see what was in front of you the whole time.

// kenzie

Do you keep a daily, weekly, yearly journal?

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