Acts of Kindness // How You Can Help This Christmas Season | Blogmas 2017 Day 10


’Tis the season for giving and loving and caring. All that fun stuff. Although random acts of kindness and kindness in general should be natural instincts outside of the holiday season, if you need a push in the right direction about pursuing intentional acts of kindness this holiday season to give back to the community, stay tuned. I got you.

  • Donating | Finding a charity that speaks to you to which you can donate your left over Christmas money or whatever you want to give. One that I personally connect with is Convoy of Hope. During this year especially with the insane natural disasters, Convoy of Hope has been there to help in the best way they can; supplying food, water emergency supplies and whatever else they can give to help set people free from the bounds of poverty, hunger, and disease. So if you’re looking for a nonprofit organization to donate to, I would recommend Convoy of Hope.

  • Service | Volunteering your time and energy to pour into the lives of those around you. It could be something as simple as buying a blanket, or a meal for someone you see on the street. Or it could be that you would like to volunteer a few days to help at a shelter. If money is tight, but you still have a heart to help and give, volunteers are needed everywhere. All you have to do is ask if anyone needs your help this holiday season.

  • Supplying | In everyday life, not everyone has time to give or a whole lot of money to spend. Especially around Christmas time when literally all you’re doing is working hard, possibly more for peak season, and spending money on gifts and also bills and unexpected payments. This act of kindness is something you can do to brighten the day of those around you without breaking the bank or skipping work. You could buy donuts for your office, first come first serve. Treat one of your friends to coffee and just sit and talk for a bit. Send a text to someone to let them know you’re thankful for them (as long as you know their love language is words of affirmation…otherwise that might be a little strange). There are a bunch of little things you could do for people to brighten their day a bit.

What is your favorite thing to do on this list?

// kenzie

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