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I would definitely recommend spending more money on a primer than any other makeup product, simply because it is the wall that divides your skin and makeup. Primer is there to prep your skin for the makeup you’re about to put on your face, and give those products something to latch onto and stay put throughout the whole day. If you don’t wear any kind of primer, the face products have to latch onto something (your pores aka breakout central) or your makeup will just slide right off throughout the day. So, moral of this spiel: if you’re going to splurge on any makeup product, I’d go with a high quality primer. Even though it’s not necessarily considered a “fun” makeup product to splurge on, your skin will send you a thank you gift basket later. Trust me. Here are a few I recommend.
[bctt tweet="If you’re going to splurge on any makeup product, go with a high quality primer. Trust me, your skin will send you a gift basket & a thank you later." username="kenzienorrris"]
  • NYX Angel Veil | If high quality primers aren’t in the budget right now, this is a great drugstore primer.
    • Price | $15.99
  • Becca Firstlight Priming Filter |  This primer is very long-lasting, and really helps if you have flushed skin/ red areas on your cheeks like I do. The purple tone helps color correct without looking completely unnatural. I love this primer because it’s hydrating, lightweight, refreshing, and keeps my makeup on all day. I have very sensitive skin as well, and this primer doesn’t cause breakouts or cause my skin to react at all. It’s a very natural looking product and I would highly recommend this for everyday use underneath your makeup.
    • Price | $38.00
  • Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer | A lightweight, long-lasting, silicone-free, deliciously refreshing coconut water based primer. This has to be my all time favorite primer because when you put it on, it doesn’t feel heavy, and it keeps my makeup on all day. It also has a very faint coconut smell (which is AMAZING by the way). I would highly recommend this primer to anyone with normal/combo/dry skin, and probably not with oily skin. The reason I say this is because it’s a hydrating primer, and I don’t have oily skin so I can’t give an opinion from an oily-skin perspective.
    • Price | $32.00
    • If you have oily skin and have tried this primer, please comment below to share how you liked or disliked this product! It would be incredibly helpful. 
  • Makeup Forever Primer Collection | I am mentioning this entire collection due to it’s wide variety of high quality primers for literally every skin type. I personally have used the hydrating primer and can say without a doubt this has to be up there as one of my all time favorites. The fact that this collection has so many options amazes me and makes it easy for me to recommend to everyone for their unique skin types.
    • Price | $37.00

// kenzie

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