3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a BloG


My blog journey has been going on for years now, and I've tried so many different platforms and styles it's a little insane. The only thing that has stayed consistent through the years is my actual desire to blog. Now that I am finally in a place where I feel more stable in my journey, here are some things I wish I kept in mind when I was initially starting my blog.


1) Don’t buy everything at the beginning, start simple and build as you go along

Having a “.wordpress.com” url is totally fine when you first start out. I have this thing that when I start something new, I go all in. I waste time and money on something I could have easily started for free. I don’t make money from blogging, as of right now It’s just a hobby that truly gives me joy and an outlet for all the things I love in life. So when those annual payments hit, they hit me hard for a student with a part time job. Not my wisest decision.

My advice? Wait until you have a good following and have established your brand before making any life changing decisions or get tied into purchases. By then, you will have started to catch the eyes of companies who want to sponsor your posts and that’s when you start building your career around your blog.

2) Don’t fly solo

Yes blogging is a personal experience and the content comes directly from you, but it’s not fair to yourself if you’re spending so much time on design and resources by flying solo (unless you love to do that, in which case kudos to you thats wonderful). Doing everything yourself will make the whole blogging process more stressful than it needs to be, and will take literally all the fun out of it and eventually blogging will feel like more of a chore than an enjoyable hobby or career.

Here’s how to fix this: Get yourself a mentor. Find someone who can coach you to blog. Someone who you can go to with seemingly silly questions you have, and for encouragement during burnout seasons, and just someone who gets it. Another helpful resource is staying active on social media. Stay up to date on the latest trends and use your resources that are right in front of you. Grab yourself a graphic design artist to team up with, and a photographer while you’re at it. The better quality content, the more people are going to want to visit your blog. If you do everything yourself, you’ll feel the weight and chaos, and so will your viewers (or lack-there-of).


3) Know Your Audience

My mind goes everywhere, and I’m always coming up with new ideas and things to talk about on my blog. Which gets me in trouble because the more random your blog is, the less people are going to want to subscribe to it. People like consistency and branding. They like knowing what they’re going to get when they subscribe. My blog is a Lifestyle blog, which is broad, yes, however, it fits with my interests and I have people who read my content because we have similar interests.

Here’s how to find your audience: Know the “why” of your blog. Why did you start this journey? Who do you want to connect with in this community? Put yourself in the audience’s shoes and decide whether your content is consistent enough to create a branding around, or if you need to narrow down your categories. The reasoning for this is when your content is consistent, your audience will grow, and you will catch the attention of companies who align with your branding, and who have the same audience as you do.

Are you thinking about starting a blog? I hope these 3 tips helped you in some way!

// kenzie

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