Coffee Chats // Hello August


Goodbye July, and hello August! Summer is coming to a close, and Autumn is just around the corner, calling my name. This month is going to be a pretty crazy one with some drastic schedule shifts and many, many long nights. August is the month school starts back up again, so naturally I’m armoring up for a wave of anxiousness. Anyone else prepare for school like it’s a natural disaster? Anyway, here’s what's to come:


Lots of new blog posts in preparation for college, lifestyle-esque posts, and more. I have more tips and tricks up my sleeve to share with you all and I’m very excited to do so. Join me on this journey by subscribing to the Infinite Brevity newsletter (located on the home page of the site). 


Preparing for my last “hoorah” of Summer (even though it will be well into September). I will be traveling to Chicago over a weekend for Riot Fest and a Dodie concert with none other than the beautiful @BitsOfBrittany (on YouTube) and our lovely friend Lorna. We have an Airbnb waiting for us, and a fun road trip ahead. So this month is going to be us anxiously awaiting the trip and packing and planning out the little details like food and gas. Don’t worry your pretty little mind, I will be taking you alongside us through blogging and POSSIBLY vlogging the whole experience. So stay tuned for some cool photos and fun stories. 

Surprisingly I don’t have any concerts to go to this month. It’s seems as though I’ve had one every other week for the entire Summer, so I suppose a bit of a lull is fine with me. 


My family from out of town will be coming for a visit my first week of school, so I am extremely excited to see them since our Vacation earlier this Summer. It’s always so nice when family comes into town. Lots of laughter and fun times. I can’t wait to have more of that soon!


School will be starting back up again the very last week of this month, so I am attempting to soak up every last bit of Summer I possibly can before being cooped up in my house studying for the next few months. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 2.00.50 PM.png

I just finished the Book of Essie (the novel featured in my July Monthly Favorites post) and I would highly recommend you pick this one up. The writing style is so intriguing and pulled me in from the very beginning. The Book of Essie captured and kept my attention throughout the story, and it resolved well. I have this thing where it’s hard for me to finish books because I get so attached to the characters that I don’t want it to end, but this one made me want to know how it ends, how Essie was going to deal with what she experienced in her lifetime. I am now currently reading/ listening to the audible of In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, I haven’t really gotten the chance to get to the good stuff yet, but I will keep you updated on how I feel about it. This book comes highly recommended by Matty Healy (singer for the 1975) so naturally I had to get my hands on it.

Do you have any big plans for this new month?

// kenzie