Au Naturale // Bare-Faced Beauty


Makeup has become very therapeutic for me. I love that when I put it on, it’s a bit of an escape from the chaos of life. When I’m anxious, makeup has been a great coping mechanism for me. I’ll be a bit more creative with my look because it takes more time and focus and perfection, and overall clears my head. I love how it brings out creativity in people and that there is a whole community of beauty gurus dedicated to teaching and figuring out new looks to try and new tools to use. I love it all. That being said, in no way am I speaking negatively toward those who adore makeup, because I’m part of those people. However, what I’d like to bring your attention to today is something that is so important, an issue that people are always addressing - why is it so hard to love yourself without makeup?

There are a handful of girls in the world who fit the standard of “natural beauty” and can "pull off any look with or without makeup." The big eyebrows, long eyelashes, big lips, etc. There are so many beautiful people in the world, and as a matter of fact, you are one. Whether you see it or not is up to the way you view yourself.

Recently I’ve been more of a bare-faced girl. Because I work at home, and the fact that I am now on summer break, my weeks usually consist of me chilling in my PJs all day, showering, going to bed, and repeating until Sunday when I actually do try to look presentable. I don’t have a need to wear makeup during the week. But when I go to church, work, or need to run some errands, I feel this need to put on a face, covering up all of my self-defined imperfections so that maybe someone will pass me and think quietly to themselves that I’m beautiful.

I have come to the realization that my beauty is not defined in the validation of others, but in how I see and carry myself. Because I have been home nearly everyday working and not giving a single care in the world about what I look like, I have been focusing on inner and natural beauty. I have also found that happiness radiates through your skin and in your eyes. True peace and happiness, otherwise known as JOY, along with taking care of your body and mind, changes the way to look at yourself and, really, changes the way you look, period.

I challenge you to do a little bit of deep cleaning, to find the beauty within yourself this week. What can you do to make yourself happy, and to see your beauty shining through? Whether it be something simple like taking a few moments to read a few chapters of that book you’ve been dying to read, or something major like finally taking the plunge and letting go of things that do not necessarily feed your soul. Whatever it may be, I encourage you to do what is going to make you happy, because life is too short to waste it on things that just get you by. Live a little, make it more beautiful.

When you’re at your happiest point, it shows.

// kenzie

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