Am I Too Young To Get Married?


“You have your WHOLE LIFE to live!”

“Don’t do it. Why would you get married so young?!”

These little words have been fluttering our path ever since the announcement of our engagement. We have received so many kind, encouraging words over the last couple of weeks and Zach and I have never felt so blessed in our lives. But every so often, we get a drunk, divorced-4-times 54 year old giving us constructive criticism on how we are making poor life decisions. Or people my age telling us to slow down because we’ve got “so much more life to live” before we should even think about getting hitched. To that, we bid them a “to each his own” and move on. Because it’s all simply drivel to us. Do they not know that we know we’re young? Because we’re aware.

Are we totally insane? Yes.

Are we totally 100% stupid in love with each other? Yes.

The fact is…

Of course we know we have our whole life to live. That’s the point. We don’t want to go another moment without experiencing a whole life to live with each other. We don’t want to miss another second of time saying goodbye. We want to see the world together. We want to be together when hard times arise. Truly, there is no other path for my life I could have chosen better than to live a life with Zach.

What other life are these people referring to? A life of partying and regret until we finally settle down in 10 years? No thanks. I’ll take my love story now.

People analyze our age within a timeline of their own and think we don’t know how to carry real love yet. Like it’s not humanly possible this marriage could work because we don’t even understand how to live life yet.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

I’ve found my best friend. He was in front of me the entire time I was searching and failing. When I was wandering and wondering with whom I would end up. God put us in the right place at the right time and we realized we were made for each other.

Never have I ever laughed harder, loved more passionately, or desired to know a person more deeply. He is not the source of my joy, but he showed me where to find it. He brought out a side of me I didn’t think existed anymore and showed me not to take life too seriously. He is my biggest encourager. I can’t wait to fall more and more in love with him over time as that word continuously changes in meaning.

So, to answer the burning question, “am I too young to get married?”

I would have to go with a big fat delicious “no.”

Not only are we getting married, but we’re getting married in about 7 months. Let the beautiful wedding chaos begin. 😊

// kenzie